So you can strengthen your bed

If you sag while sleeping, the mattress is not always to blame. Even a bed can relax with time. In this article, we explain where the causes of a slatted frame, a box spring bed and a waterbed are and how you can do it.

Slatted frame hangs through

Most beds in Germany consist of a bed frame, one or two slatted frames and one or two mattresses. If you feel your slatted frame is hanging suddenly, it can have several causes:

  • A latte is broken
  • One or more slats are worn out
  • The degree of hardness is not set correctly

root cause analysis

To find out what is wrong with the failure of your slatted frame, simply remove the mattress from the grid and check the slats. If none is broken, check if some slats give way too much. It is normal and even desirable for the slats to yield a little more in the pelvic and shoulder areas than in other areas, but they should not yield too much.

Fix the problem

If you discover a broken batten, you should replace it. If the problem is in the shoulder or pelvic area, the problem may be the wrong hardness setting. How to adjust the controls correctly, you can find out here.

Waterbed hangs through

A waterbed is very back-friendly, not least because of the pleasant warmth thanks to the integrated heating in the waterbed. However, if the waterbed is set incorrectly, it may even damage the back instead of sparing it. So if you feel your waterbed is hanging, you should urgently strengthen it, so add more water. Find out how to determine the correct filling quantity here.

Box spring bed hangs through

A box spring bed is characterized by the fact that its pedestal contains the same suspension as the mattress and thus it is sprung several times. That too should benefit the back. The disadvantage: Hang the box spring through, nothing can be done. A box spring can not be strengthened. If the springs are worn out in the underframe, a new box spring bed must be produced.

Bed made of europallets

If you have a bed of europallets and want to reinforce it, you can simply nail an extra strip in the middle of the europallets to consolidate the individual boards.

Tips & Tricks

Here's how you can build yourself a bed of Euro pallets.

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