How to tile your balcony professionally

Laying old tiles off and simply laying new ones: re-tiling the balcony is not always that easy! Those who value the fact that the new tile floor will last for many years should take careful steps in their work. Often with the renovation of the flooring also a thorough balcony renovation is due, existing damages are repaired and new ones prevented.

Remove old tiles

  • By knocking test find a hollow place under the tiles
  • Place the chisel at the hollow point and loosen the first tile
  • Insert electric stamper with flat chisel
  • Drive flat chisel under each tile and pry it out
  • Smooth the surface thoroughly with the disc sander

Preliminary work on the balcony plate

The bare concrete slab must first be thoroughly cleaned before further work is required. In addition, only a completely dry soil provides the suitable substrate for further layering.

In some cases, the balcony needs drying to be treated with built-dryers and protected from rain, which can take several days. Invest the time needed to make sure no water is left behind. Only then should you smooth the surface smooth.

Next, make sure you have a thorough seal. For example, you can use special foils, liquid plastic or bitumen. This is the only way to ensure that your balcony slab is protected from rainwater in the future.

Tile the balcony again

Possibly a primer for the tiles is now necessary, with a seal with liquid plastic one simply scatters into the uppermost layer of quartz sand. Use waterproof grout for your tiles so that rainwater can not get under the tiles.

Apply the tile adhesive to the floor and comb it with the toothed spatula. In this relatively thin adhesive bed, the tiles are inserted. An electric tile cutter with guide is the best tool for exact cutting in the edge zones.

Tips & Tricks

Even the manual cutting of tiles is possible, as well as a separation with the angle grinder. However, these are rather unclean solutions. Invest better the money and borrow in the hardware store the necessary special equipment!

Video Board: Balcony Waterproofing Under Tile 270