To degrease surfaces made of wood

Oils and greases can settle properly on wooden surfaces, the open pores and the many depressions invite to be almost. Simply rinsing off with detergent does not do much in this case, especially if you want to completely degrease the wood. But there are ways to remove the fat even from the depths, read our tips.

Degrease wood as gently as possible

Greasy fingerprints on wooden kitchen fronts may not look good at all, but the surfaces may be sensitive to chemical cleaners. Some kitchen manufacturers recommend the use of soapy water, which is gently massaged with a leather towel.

Machining the surface mechanically

Especially when the wood surface comes into contact with food, caution is needed. The above-mentioned soapy water is also a possibility here, but should then be rinsed clean again.

To really go deep when de-oiling, we recommend using a scraper blade or a thicknesser. So you easily remove the greasy material and get a clean, smooth surface.

Various means of de-oiling wood

Various other means can be very helpful in degreasing wood. For example, turpentine substitute has proven very useful for this purpose, but you work with rubber gloves.

A stronger remedy is the 10% caustic soda, which saponifies fats and makes them washable with water. This cleaning substance is incorporated with the brass or root brush, after which there is a thorough smoothing of the surface. Do not forget protective clothing!

Washing soda as a wood degreaser: a recipe

Washing soda is an old home remedy that can be helpful in many situations. It is sodium carbonate, which is dissolved in water and thereby unfolds a slightly alkaline pH. This lye dissolves fats by saponification.

  • Buy soda ash in the drugstore
  • Put 250 ml of water in a bowl
  • Add 1 tablespoon of soda
  • stir
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Apply liquid to the wood with a cloth
  • rub in with circular movements
  • leave to act for a short time
  • rub in again
  • wash thoroughly

Tips & Tricks

Washing soda is also suitable as an additive for the dishwasher because of its high fat dissolving properties: Just add a few crystals to the usual detergent.

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