This will dry your interior plaster without heating

Is it not possible to simply dry an interior plaster by ventilating it? In the past there were no building dryers and the buildings were also dry. Basically it works, but you have to plan a bit more time. We'll tell you how it's done.

How to deal with the moisture?

During the interior plaster application a lot of moisture is brought into the rooms. Gypsum plasters dry faster than lime or lime cement plasters. But no matter what plaster, the residual moisture must come out of the walls to prevent mold growth.

Here there would be the possibility to help with a Bautrockner. But it is also different, especially if it is only a room, a wall or individual cleaning areas. However, it takes a little longer. If the climate is suitable, moisture can escape from the building little by little.

How should a fresh plaster be dried?

Under favorable conditions, a plaster with a thickness of 10 mm dries after a short time. Depending on the plaster used, the dry season is on average 14 days. For this purpose, humidity, room temperature and ventilation must be optimally matched to each other. In an unfavorable weather situation, however, this can take several weeks.

A quick drying can only be achieved with the correct ventilation. A tilted window is not enough. For this a frequent short-term airing is necessary to remove the moisture.

StateResultventilation success
Window tiltedWalls and floor coolinsufficient ventilation
Window half openno optimal air exchangeconditionally sufficient
Window completely openairingrecommended
Window and door opencross ventilationvery good but regularly and for a short time

What has to be considered in the case of impact or transverse ventilation?

  • The humidity must be higher inside than outside
  • Do not ventilate in damp weather
  • Dry air can usually absorb more moisture
  • Air on hot summer days only at night
  • To breathe in open all windows and doors for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Limit the opening hours in winter, it does not cool the walls so much
  • Add moisture to the windows additionally with a rag

Tips & Tricks

Should a heater be necessary in the meantime, then please do not use gas heaters, as they give off up to one liter of moisture during combustion per liter of gas.

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