How to lay sidewalk slabs on concrete in several steps

In most cases, paving slabs are laid on an unbound subsoil. Only in individual cases concrete is the basis for these boards, for example, if it already exists. Read how you can lay sidewalk tiles in this case.

It will not work without a thorough preparation

An important keyword for the preparation of the concrete slab for the installation of paving slabs is the sufficient slope. In addition, the surface texture of the substrate plays an essential role. The slope is necessary so that the water can drain better. The penetration of water into the concrete slab as well as into the adjacent structure should be prevented at all costs. If necessary, the necessary slope with screed must be made. It is also useful if you apply a seal before applying the starting layer. But before you go to work, you should already check in the planning phase, whether the concrete slab is able to bear the weight of the paving slabs and the additional material.

To lay the boards on the desired surface

There are several ways you can lay the paving slabs or patio slabs on a concrete layer:

  • If there is enough room for the necessary height, it is best to use a substrate made of a few centimeters of grit to lay the panels.
  • Alternatively, you can attach plates to the substrate with stone glue. But do not use normal concrete for this purpose.
  • A third possibility is to use so-called pedestal bearings to lay the panels on a concrete surface. This method offers you the advantage that the plates can be easily removed if necessary.

It is essential to avoid laying the slabs without a slope, because in this case water can penetrate into the concrete slab or the adjacent structure and cause great damage there. The water must always be able to drain properly.

If there are basements or garages under the concrete surface

It is a special case if there are rooms under the installation surface. If this is the case, you should seal the concrete slab well before laying any slabs on it. Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the additional applied construction material and of course the panels themselves.

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