So you pave your front yard

What should your new paving look like? Which stones do you want to use - and in which pattern should they be laid? These questions should be clarified before paving your front yard. When purchasing the stones, calculate the waste and, in addition to enough gravel or crushed stone, split and crushed sand, prepare the following items: broom, shovel, rake, guideline, stripper, angle grinder or stonecracker and a vibrating machine.

1st step: dig soil for the paving

Before you can pave your front yard, you have to stake out the surface to be worked with wooden sticks, stretch a guideline for the upper edge of the paving stones and dig out the ground about 20 to 50 cm deep: For loose soil and heavy load of the paving front yard is recommended for example a deep excavation. To facilitate the excavation of the soil, you can also rent a mini excavator.

2nd step: create a ballast bed

You should place curbs in concrete around the excavated area to keep your paving as stable as possible. Then fill the excavated hole 10 cm with gravel or gravel, shake the filling tightly and place another 10 cm layer. Finish this preliminary work by separating the paving stone height plus about 2 cm from the top of the guideline.

Step 3: the bedding for your paving stones

Spread a mixture of sand and split on the last gravel layer - this layer should be about 4 to 5 cm thick. Level the bedding with the help of the ready-to-lay leveling mat: When finished, you can lay the bar on both sides of the curb. Now you have done all the preliminary work and can pave your front yard.

Step 4: Paving the front yard

Lay your stones on the paving bedding - cut them where necessary. If your entire front yard is paved, you just have to sweep the sand into the 3 mm wide joints and shake the stones.

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