How to properly seal your stairs: a guide

A wooden staircase requires a high-quality seal, because this component is heavily used in everyday life. Above all, the steps must be well protected against mechanical damage, but also against possibly penetrating moisture, for example when wiping. In addition, a new paint also brings a color refreshment, so that the stairs look really good again.

Prepare the ground

Professionals value thorough substrate preparation, because only then can the seal last for many years without fading. If there are already several coats of paint on the stairs, it is advisable to remove the old paint or to remove it with the hot air blower.

After the paint has been removed, sand the surface thoroughly. For a rather thin coat of paint, you can start sanding without first brushing off. Use an orbital sander to machine the surfaces, and a delta sander into the corners.

Start with coarse sandpaper in 25 or 40 grit and sand off the entire staircase with it. Then use ever finer sandpaper until you reach 100 grain in the last run. Also, make patches with colored wood putty.

Seal stairs: instructions in 4 steps

  • water
  • Sandpaper in different grain sizes
  • primer
  • sealing
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • cloth
  • grinding machine
  • brush
  • paint roller

1. Thoroughly clean the staircase

Remove all dust from the stairs, wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth. Then let everything dry thoroughly.

2. Prime stairs

Prior to sealing the staircase, a primer is applied to enhance the durability of the paint. Apply the primer with brush and paint roller from top to bottom.

3. Seal the stairs

When the primer is completely dry, seal your stairs. Frame each step first with a brush and then quickly fill in the surface. Smooth the «framing» and paint in generous brushstrokes with the grain.

4. Apply sealer several times

In most cases, a single coat of paint is not enough to seal the stairs thoroughly. Paint the surface two to four times, allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to continue using the stairs during the sealing process, first only stroke every second step. When these steps are done, paint the remaining steps. But never step on wet layers of paint!

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