So you seal off your walk-in shower perfectly

Required materials:

  • quick hardening mortar
  • Primer for wet rooms with brush or roller
  • abrasive paper
  • Sealing with roller or brush
  • Fabric tape for sealing

Step 1

Preparing to seal your walk-in shower, first work on the surface. Cracks and holes can be filled with quick-hardening mortar. Unevenness is sanded off with the sanding paper. Then you ensure absolute cleanliness. Remove dust and dirt particles. Also grease or oil residues must be removed. Only then can you apply the primer and the sealant for permanent use. Allow the mortar to dry completely at the repaired areas.

step 2

After the mortar has dried, apply the primer. For corners and edges use a brush, the surfaces can be coated with a roll. The primer compensates for the different absorption characteristics of the substrates and creates a perfect substrate for the sealing coat. Apply the primer evenly and then let it dry for a few hours.

So you seal off your walk-in shower perfectly: perfectly

step 3

After drying the primer, you can start with the seal coat. In corners and edges apply the paint ideally with a brush, on the large areas, the role is suitable. The sealing coat to seal your walk-in shower must be applied evenly and carefully. Pay attention to a thin distribution. After applying the first layer, place the fabric tape in the corners and edges. It is placed on the still moist seal coat and lightly pressed so that no wrinkles. It ensures an absolute seal in corners and edges and is processed almost invisibly. After the first layer of the seal coat has dried, apply a second coat. Cover the inserted tissue band completely. With the fabric tape you also include connections in wall or floor. After a sufficient drying period of a few hours you can start laying tiles.

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