So stick your broken porcelain

When porcelain is broken, it can often be easily glued. It is important that you pick up all fragments. As you can stick broken porcelain, we explain in the following instructions step by step.

What to do if the cup falls down?

If a porcelain object breaks down, be sure to pick up all parts. Splinters should also be removed so that the porcelain can be put back together as faithfully as possible.

Can porcelain be glued so that you can not see the break anymore?

This is not possible in most cases in own work. Of course, it depends a bit on where the break point is located. Is e.g. just broken off the handle of a cup, it is quite possible that the fracture after gluing is very inconspicuous and only visible to those who know of their existence. However, if the break pulls across a plate or bowl, the break will still be visible after gluing. If you really want to cover up the break, you need to go to a restorer, as we describe in this post. Even if individual fragments have been lost, a restaurateur can help.

Is glued dishes dishwasher-safe?

Rather not. The adhesive can become porous in the dishwasher and the glued piece can be released again. Possibly a repaired porcelain object survives a few dishwashing cycles, but in the longer term the breakage point will rupture again due to the hot temperatures.

Step-by-step guide to repairing porcelain

  • solvent
  • porcelain glue
  • Metal pin or similar to apply the glue
  • cotton swab

1. Practice makes perfect

Before you start composing, you should practice it. To do this, put all the pieces together like a puzzle. Keep in mind that you can not correct yourself once you have applied the glue. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly where each piece goes.

2. Clean breakages

Before you can apply the glue, you should thoroughly clean the cracks. To do this, apply a little solvent to a cotton swab and drive over the cracks. This is important for the porcelain adhesive to hold properly. If the breakage is greasy or dusty, the adhered piece falls off quickly.

3. Gluing

Now use the metal pin to apply a little porcelain glue to the break and place the broken pieces on it. If you have many individual parts, you should apply the gluing in several steps and press the respective layer for a few minutes.

4. Press!

If you have fixed the broken piece with glue in its place, you should press it firmly for a few minutes.

5. Remove adhesive residues

If over-swollen adhesive should be removed immediately after gluing with turpentine or white spirit.

6. Drying time

Give the porcelain 24 hours to dry out properly.

Tips & Tricks

Read here how and with what means you can paint porcelain yourself.

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