This is how you tile your floor-level shower

Required materials:

  • Floor tiles with anti-slip value 12
  • Bitumen paint or similar sealant
  • Tile adhesive, trowel, rubber mallet
  • tile cutter
  • Grout, joint silicone or sanitary sealant

Step 1

To get a long-lasting, great showering experience in your floor-level shower, it must be absolutely waterproof prepared for tiling. If the seal to the masonry is not made properly, there will be water damage that can attack the building fabric. As a first step, apply the bitumen coating or a comparable sealant to the entire shower area according to the manufacturer's instructions.

step 2

During the drying phase of the sealing material, you can prepare the tile adhesive, whereby you should also pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Begin the tile work in the back right area of ​​the shower floor. Apply a trowel tile adhesive to the floor and spread the glue thinly and evenly. Carefully place the first tile on the adhesive and press it firmly, also with the help of the rubber hammer. There should be no air pockets under the tile, the tile must rest evenly in all places. Continue with the other tiles following the same pattern. Start the next row of tiles again on the right side. Keep in mind that you will maintain even joints for a pleasing appearance. Especially important for the longevity of your floor-level shower with tiles is that you keep the incline. If this does not happen, the shower water can be misdirected throughout the room. If you install minor unevenness in the tile mirror, on the one hand, this will be unpleasant during showering, on the other, puddles and calcareous deposits may form in these areas.

This is how you tile your floor-level shower: your

step 3

After a sufficiently long drying phase of the adhesive, you can grout the tiles in your floor-level shower. Start with the wall joint, which you fill with jointing silicone. The remaining joints fill with common grout. With these few steps you will get a great result if you tile your floor-level shower!

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