How to wash your pleated properly!

Pleats are made of many different types of fabric, but they have one thing in common: The attached rails and accessories prevent machine wash, also could be damaged by the spin the wrinkle. Nevertheless, pleats can be maintained and washed, by hand. We'll tell you how your folding door is getting really clean again.

Maintain folding gates regularly

Due to their folding structure, pleats offer a lot of space to the dust, so the practical folding blinds should be dusted regularly. Use a duster or a soft brush for this, in the case of firmly adhering stains it may be a damp cloth.

Some high-quality pleats are made of dirt-repellent material that is particularly easy to care for. Such folding shutters are particularly suitable for use in the kitchen or in the hobby room, where more dirt is produced than in the other rooms.

Dirt-repellent pleats must be washed less frequently because impurities can usually be removed without any special effort. But at some point a thorough hand wash is also on your agenda.

Wash the pleated by hand: a quick guide

  • Provide a vessel of sufficient size or use the bathtub.
  • Allow lukewarm water and add mild detergent.
  • Take off the pleated and put it halfway in the water.
  • Immerse the fabric and let it soak for about 20 minutes.
  • After soaking, fold the pleated as far as possible.
  • Then gently swirl it back and forth in the water.
  • Now remove the folding door from the water and shower it carefully with clear water.
  • Hang the pleated to dry or put it on a clothes dryer.

Tips & Tricks

For stubborn stains often helps an old home remedy: core soap is cheap to buy in any drugstore and even grandmother knew that it is particularly effective. Apply the soap before the actual wash of your plisse and save yourself expensive cleaning products.

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