This is how your façade coating becomes a successful project

Only with a really beautiful, immaculate paint looks a plastered facade really perfect! Unfortunately, we observe how the outer walls get dirtier over the years, because car exhaust fills it, algae find a home on the surface or the color is easily grayed out. One day, there is no denying that a new facade painting is due. There is a lot to consider!

Do not forget the preparation for the underground

In most cases it is not enough just to grab a roller and brush and apply a new coating. Before that, some preparations have to be done, all of which concern the underground. Check for yourself if the following work is in your possession:

  • large-scale facade cleaning for better paint adhesion
  • Removal of algae and mold and preventive measures
  • Tapping off loose plaster and closing holes
  • Close and possibly reinforce cracks
  • small putty work for a flat surface
  • Putzergänzungen on larger defects
  • Primer for optimal substrate preparation

These measures can sometimes take more time than the façade coating itself. However, they are necessary so that the paint keeps permanently on the substrate, creating an optically homogeneous surface.

This is how you repaint your façade

Most homeowners choose to paint with a roller and brush, but some do this work by airless. The spraying of the facade is not particularly widespread, but brings with it some advantages.

Whatever you decide: Please observe the following rules to make sure that the new facade coating actually works! Finally, no stains and approaches should be created, and the underlying adhesion should be as perfect as possible.

ruleDanger due to non-compliance
do not spread below 5° CColor dries up poorly
do not stroke in direct sunlighttoo fast drying: cracks and exfoliation
from top to bottomDrop on fresh painting
Wet-on-wet workStained painting with streaks
Mask windows and doorsannoying, difficult to remove splashes of paint
Choose color with high opacityrepeated painting is necessary

Creative design: This is how the façade coating gets really chic

Many modern homeowners are no longer satisfied with a single-color painting, but they rely on beautiful color harmonies. Maybe you want to give your façade that "certain something", then we have a few inspirations ready!

How about, for example, deposing the window and door areas and the pedestal in white, while the rest of the façade shines in your desired color? Loose glazes do the rest, so that the coating is not boring, but looks wonderfully alive.

A decor tape applied to the template between the individual floors brings the necessary pep, while a larger open space can serve as a background for a mural. Dare something!

Tips & Tricks

To find the right design for your facade, you can print photos of your house in black and white and then paint them with watercolors. Technically savvy conjure the desired color scheme with an image editing program.

Artikelbild: Kridsada Krongmuang / Shutterstock

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