Socket set comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the Socket Set Comparison or Test 2018

  • In a socket set not only sockets are included, but also the matching ratchet. Usually also other accessories are included (eg bits).
  • Ratchets and ratchets are used to tighten bolts and nuts, much like wrenches. If you need a large selection of different attachments, the socket set should contain as many parts as possible.
  • Although a professional tool case also contains socket wrench attachments, however, usually only the basic sizes are available. A ratchet box usually also contains nuts for special applications (eg precision mechanics).

Socket set comparison 2018: nuts

According to a study by the Consumption and Media Analysis (VuMA), in 2016 there were approximately 56 million Germans who have at least one car in their household. For the occasional tire change or other work of a car screwdriver torque wrench or ratchet with the appropriate socket wrenches are needed. Especially for multi-screw drivers, but also for beginners, the purchase of a socket set is worthwhile here.

But not only car screwdrivers can use this tool case - even do-it-yourselfers have to tighten or loosen screws. For this purpose, although ring or open-end wrench are suitable, but these tools must be used again and again, while a ratchet or ratchet simply be turned back on a stickto fix the screw further.

If you want to buy a socket set, you should, among other things pay attention to the drive of the ratchet and how many parts are contained in the case. What the ratchet box should not be missing, you will find in our socket wrench comparison 2018.

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1. Ratchet box contents: creaks, nuts and joints

Socket set comparison 2018: nuts

A socket set consists of a ratchet and various socket wrench attachments.

A reversible ratchet is used to loosen or tighten screws and nuts. Includes a socket wrench set not just the necessary nutswhich are placed on these nuts and bolts, but also the suitable drive unit (Ratchet, plug, angle, joint, cross handle). The variety of equipment in such a ratchet box ranges from 25 to 215 parts.

To tighten screws with a ratchet, many bits are usually included in these cases (for slotted, Phillips, machine, Torx screws). Even precision mechanics will find in the boxes small and filigree socket wrenches and fine tooth ratchetsto work in hard-to-reach areas.

Socket set comparison 2018: 2018

Note: Pay close attention to the bits and nuts on your socket set do not fall out of your seats in the box due to a transport, otherwise you will be busy cleaning up before using the tool. In the socket set test of the magazine "Self is the man" were placed on these little things value.

Manufacturers such as Proxxon or Mannesmann equip their ratchet boxes with universal sockets, which cover the most important sizes in DIY. These sockets are usually made of chrome vanadium steel - the Material is durable and by a high chromium content it setsno rust.

Also in many tool cases or workshop trolley sockets are included. However, the focus of these tool sets is usually placed on hammers and screwdrivers, so that the Selection of tools rather usual work covers, In ratchet boxes, the manufacturers specialize in this tool and also provide you with more accessories for screwing.

Socket set comparison 2018: comparison

2. Different types: hexagon socket, bits, locknuts

The best socket set is equipped with several types of socket wrenches, Which nut types are available in the boxes and what they are used for is shown in the following table.

Hexagon socket wrench

Socket set comparison 2018: wrench

  • used to release a nut
  • also in very small form for precision mechanics
  • are replaced by pentagonal socket wrenches
Socket wrench bits

Socket set comparison 2018: socket

  • Functioning like a screwdriver
  • Socket adapter usually necessary
  • Ratchet can be withdrawn in case of obstacles to continue to screw
Sockets for locknuts

Socket set comparison 2018: wrench

  • suitable for loosening locknuts
  • Locknuts usually used for fixing of gears
  • rarely occur in domestic use

3. Purchase advice for socket sets: You should pay attention to this

Socket set comparison 2018: 2018

In addition to storing in a suitcase, you can also hang your tool on the wall.

In our purchase advice for ratchet boxes, we have summarized the key criteria from various socket wrench tests. If you pay attention to these hints when buying, you will soon have your personal Socket Winner in your hands.

3.1. Socket set size: 25 to 215 parts

A nut box of 25 parts usually consists only of the basic elements of the common socket sizes. Do not use the ratchet frequently, it is worth such a basic set since no special nut sizes for most works needed become. A professional kit is recommended if you often work with the tool. As a rule, the attachments are up to 50 mm in size.

A 215-piece socket set offers a lot of accessories such as an Allen set (not In the bus). The number of bits and nuts is higher, which makes you can use the ratchet more diverse, Other accessories such as handle extensions are usually included in such suitcases. Many manufacturers also supply spare parts in so many parts, although you These can also be purchased separately in a hardware store.

3.2. Durable material: suitcases and sockets

What distinguishes chrome-vanadium steel?

The chrome-vanadium alloy is used in many tools (eg screwdrivers, wrenches). This gives the tool a higher resistance, If the CV alloy is mixed with little chromium, the tool can start rusting more quickly. An alloy out Stainless steel keeps the rust better, for example.

Socket wrenches are made of chrome vanadium steel, This allows them to be used for a higher torque. The torque wrench, a tool to achieve a specific torque of a screw, uses nuts made of chrome vanadium steel.

Not just the tool, but Also, the storage container should be as long-lasting as possible. Metal or plastic are not only robust, but also weather-resistant, if you store the case properly. However, many plastic variants have a complicated opening mechanism, which is why we offer you recommend the purchase of a metal case.

3.3. Drive: Customs 1/4 ", 1/2", 3/4 "

The pin on the head of the ratchet is the drive for the plug-in attachments. By the rotating movements, the nut is moved and the nut tightened. The size of the drive is usually given in inches. The drive can be 1 ", 1/2", 1/4 ", 3/4" or 3/8 ".

So if you have different sockets, you should make sure that they fit on the drive. Creak with one 3/8 "drive are mostly used for cars and motorcycles, The 1/2 "drive is used more frequently in domestic use.

Socket set comparison 2018: 2018

tip: Which socket you are holding in your hand is not always easy to decipher because the label is engraved very small on the nut. Some manufacturers have yours Plug-in attachments therefore marked with colorsso you can grab the right nut faster. Depending on the manufacturer, these colors and notes may vary.

3.4. Handles: ergonomics and extension

Socket set comparison 2018: comparison

Also, for the assembly of some furniture, a ratchet is needed.

The handle of a gun should be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, because you have to apply a lot of power to him. If the grip is not good in the hand, the desire to work with this tool also decreases. Some handles can be lengthened for better access to hard-to-reach places or so that you can achieve greater leverage, Some nuts are screwed tight enough so that the short handle is insufficient to loosen them. We recommend that you buy a socket set that includes an extension.

3.5. Bits and screwdrivers: diverse applications

If you work on your bike or motorcycle, you may need a screwdriver in between. So that you do not have several tools next to you, we recommend one ratchet, which can be used with an essay as a screwdriver, Several bits in the socket set allow you to choose between Phillips, Slotted and Torx tips.

The following Advantages and disadvantages of a socket set compared to a simple nut set:

  • also includes ratchets and other drive units
  • more accessories (Allen key, bits and extensions)
  • more nuts
  • some accessories for use superfluous

4. Questions and answers around the topic socket set

4.1. Is there a socket set for motorcycles?

If you are looking for a socket set for spark plugs, we recommend a set containing one Reversible ratchet with drive 3/8 "or 1/4" Has. Especially with means of transport you should use high-quality tools, so that they last long and the components are securely screwed on. Safety plays a big role here. If your nuts and bolts need certain torques, we recommend a torque wrench.

Socket set comparison 2018: comparison

Danger: Stiftung Warentest announced in 2009 that the torque wrench "Torcofix" and "Torcoflex" will be recalled by the Gedore brand. About 250,000 tools would, according to the message show wrong torques, which could also put your life at risk if you have a key (such as a car).

4.2. How much does a good socket set cost?

Socket set comparison 2018: nuts

A socket set for the automotive sector must, inter alia, ensure that spark plugs are securely screwed.

The market for socket sets is occupied by many brands and manufacturers. The most expensive models of Stahlwille cost over 600 euros and offer accordingly also a very high quality, However, a cheap socket set does not have to be much worse - Proxxon and Mannesmann offer their products already from 30 euros on. For beginners and beginners these ratchet boxes are recommended.

Are you an experienced screwdriver and know that the ratchets and nuts be used more often, you should spend a little more moneyto get the desired quality. Hazet and BGS offer high quality sockets from 90 Euro. If you use the tool daily, it pays to spend more than 600 euros for a socket wrench set with quality and accessories. The best-known manufacturers at a glance:

  • alpine
  • Berner
  • BGS
  • Bosch
  • Carolus
  • Condor tools
  • Dema
  • Draper
  • Engelbert Strauss
  • Facom
  • Famex
  • Felo
  • femur
  • Gear Lock
  • Gedore
  • güde
  • hazet
  • Heytec
  • power man
  • Power station KS Tools
  • Kunzer
  • KWB
  • LUX
  • Makita
  • Mannesmann
  • Michelin
  • Normex
  • proxxon
  • Scheppach
  • Stahlwille
  • strong man
  • bull
  • S & R
  • tool Craft
  • Top Craft
  • Orion
  • Vigor
  • Wiha
  • bison
  • Work zone
  • Würth

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