Install sockets in garden and car

Install sockets in garden and car: install

Outlets in the outdoor area fulfill many functions today: As a simple version with lid, as a radio-controlled socket with remote control and as a garden socket made of various materials, they ensure the power supply of weatherproof power sources and garden tools.

Other models are set up as an energy column, camouflaged as stone or hidden in decorative garden animals, so that they are fit perfectly into the overall picture of the garden.

Basically, in electrical installations in the outdoor or indoor area advised to be careful since improper work can lead to serious accidents. If you have the necessary specialist knowledge, you will find instructions here for laying a grounding in the garden and information on various external sockets.

Install sockets in the garden

Before installing a garden socket you should first to inform about the possibilities to divert the current. If an external socket is already available, it can be tapped for the power supply. If no power line is laid out, a hole must be drilled through the house wall; the power take-off then takes place inside the house at a junction box. Install such a junction box by an electrician.

In addition, all laid in the garden parts, such as cables, sockets, plugs, etc. be suitable for permanent outdoor use because they have to withstand both moisture and dirt as well as splash water and frost.

Install sockets in garden and car: power

Warning of electrical voltage

Residual current circuit breaker (FI)

Danger: The laid in the garden power line must with a Residual current device (RCD), also known as residual current protection or residual current devices. For this purpose, there is a separate circuit breaker with FI switch in the fuse box of the house. If this connection is not available, it may only be retrofitted by a specialist.

This FI switch measures the current flow and ensures an immediate shutdown in an emergency of the stream. This reduces the risk of an accident in the event of a short circuit or excessive current flow. In addition, the cable should be provided with a sufficiently large cross-section (from 1.5 mm) for high-performance equipment, such as electric lawnmowers.

Lay underground cables in the garden

Install sockets in garden and car: sockets

Rubber coated cable with core sleeves

It is essential to observe the safety precautions before each electrical installation and, after switching off the power, check whether the cable is actually free of voltage. If in doubt, add an electrician. He is also responsible for working with heavy current, heavy duty couplings and power plugs, which may not be performed by private individuals.

In the garden you have to PVC insulated, waterproof underground cables (Type NYYJ) or PVC-insulated plastic cables with copper wires and concentric corrugated copper conductor (NYCWY). In principle, a safety distance of 30 cm to other current-carrying lines must always be maintained. These should be as far as possible approx. 60 cm deep in the soil, in order to be protected against roots and Spatenstichen.

For laying must first along the cable route a gutter about 80 cm deep be dug into the ground, for example with a small shovel or an old saw. Then the bottom of the gutter is filled with sand about 10 cm high to cushion the cable and to prevent a moisture build-up. Then the cable is carefully placed in a flexible empty tube and laid at the desired location. Before the laying channel is filled in, it is absolutely necessary to place a commercially available, approved cable cover and a warning tape over the cable. In this way, spade bites and roots can only slightly damage the freshly laid cable. Finally, it can be connected to the garden socket.

Can socket for several sockets in the garden

Install sockets in garden and car: sockets

Of course, if more than one power source is needed in the garden, electricity can also be diverted underground. For this purpose, so-called can sockets are available, which are laid underground and can distribute the electricity in all areas of the garden. Whether pond pump, lighting, electric grill or lawnmower: The power supply in the garden is guaranteed at any time. Nevertheless, the above instructions should be observed when laying the underground cable.

Radio sockets for outdoors

Anyone who installs Christmas lights in the garden or runs a pond pump knows the problem: constantly plugging and unplugging the plug will be annoying in the long term. Although a timer provides a remedy, it must be adapted to the conditions of the season. An alternative is thus radio-controlled external sockets that are weatherproof all year round and can be controlled from the living rooms via a remote control. These radio-controlled sockets are plugged into the garden or external socket and, for example, the garden lights are connected to it. With the remote you can control the lighting within range Turn on or off directly from the house. It should be noted, however, that only suitable consumers may be connected to the socket to avoid overloading.

Socket with lock

Install sockets in garden and car: power

If electrical outlets are located in public areas Stromthiebe often not far. Here are sockets with lid and lock a useful solution to keep your own electricity bill low. The lockable sockets, which are used both outdoors and for connection to the basement or laundry room, are also available in the private garden.

Energiesäulem with outlet as an eye-catcher in the garden

Install sockets in garden and car: power

Electricity or energy columns are probably the easiest way to bring electricity into your own garden. Because in the upright columns are the sockets protected against splashing water and flooding. The range of equipment and design ranges from the low-priced model made of plastic to the towering energy column with garden path lighting. For example, one or more cover-protected power sockets provide power to the lawnmower or electric grill. Those who prefer compact and unobtrusive, may be better served with the "energy cube": From the point of view of a solid stone, he supplies garden tools with electricity via four sockets. For animal lovers there are additional garden sockets in frog or bear form.

Mobile voltage: vehicle voltage converter with socket

Install sockets in garden and car: garden

Voltage transformer for cars with socket

Anyone who not only needs full voltage at home but also in the car can use a vehicle voltage converter, also called an inverter, to transform the conventional 12 Volt of the car's on-board power supply to the usual 220 Volt. The device is connected to the cigarette lighter and turned on. With a Connection load of about 200 watts It can be used to charge laptop power supplies, camera batteries or mobile phones at the car's power socket. Charging is of course also possible in the stand, as long as the supply of car battery. Nevertheless, it should be noted that also the alternator of the vehicle requires electricity. At the same time the voltage converter is in operation, this can lead to a rapid discharge of the car battery and - with regular use of the converter - reduce their life. In addition, inverters for fixed connection in motorhomes are also available.

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