Re-order sofa and armchair - the costs are here

Times change, fashion and taste as well. Therefore, the upholstered furniture is at some point out of date and should be purchased again. Often, even pets or children are to blame for having to work up a sofa.

Sturdy and solid fabric for the sofa

The wages can be estimated with a sofa or armchair in the apron reasonably well. How expensive the cover itself comes, however, is the taste of the customer. The fabrics have very different and quite respectable prices.

Here the ranges range from about ten euros per meter of fabric to several hundred euros for the same size. Therefore, should not be ordered simply to taste.

Measure yourself - have a specialist measured

If the customer wants to measure the sofa itself, it would be better to dispense with large-sized patterns in the fabric. It is a bit difficult for a layman to plan the pattern accurately and to buy enough fabric.

It is better if the upholsterer, who is to carry out the work later, measures the material requirement. Only he can really expertly estimate the seam allowances and the margins.

Estimate working hours

Most upholsterers require about two hours for an armchair for the seat and the backrest. The two backrests are upholstered in three hours. So a chair needs about seven hours of working time.

Loose back cushions or seats are reupholstered in one hour each. This also applies to a sofa with loose cushions.

working hours

The working hours can vary a little when many tucks and cords need to be sewn on and adjusted. In addition, these strings must be purchased suitable for the fabric.

  • Armchair firmly upholstered about 6 to 8 hours
  • Armchair with loose cushions about 10 to 12 hours
  • Double sofa firmly upholstered about 11 to 14 hours
  • Two-seater sofa with loose cushions about 15 to 17 hours
  • Triple sofa firmly upholstered about 15 to 18 hours
  • Triple sofa with loose cushions about 20 to 25 hours


A decent upholsterer picks up the furniture from his customer and brings it back on time without additional costs. However, this point should be asked as a precaution, so that no unpleasant surprises.

Tips & Tricks

Ask your upholsterer for cheap fabrics. If he can not offer good stable materials at reasonable prices, there are good fabric fabrics in many fabric stores. But you should also be educated as to whether the upholsterer may require a higher hourly rate for self-brought fabrics. Then you should visit another specialist.

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