Sofa broken! How can it be repaired?

The couch is without question the most important piece of furniture in the living room, because who would like to loaf on hard chairs after work? When the sofa breaks down, it's time to act quickly to be comfortable again as soon as possible. But how can the good old set be repaired?

A small inventory: What is missing the sofa?

First of all, we want to look together to see what the sofa is missing, and then to take action. Some repairs are easy to master even for a layman, others require at least a certain amount of expertise.

Broken sofa legs and a dirty cover are usually among the defects that the owner can fix. Even old, faded leather can be refreshed in a relatively simple way in many cases.

A new upholstery is much harder to accomplish, as this, the entire cover must be removed and later re-attached. It is the same with the renewal of the spring core, which is quite expensive.

This is the best way to repair your sofa

  • Sofabein: If a sofa leg is damaged, you should replace all legs if you can not get exactly the same one again. Buy height-adjustable products that fit many different couch models, and adjust them to fit comfortably.
  • Cover dirty: If your sofa cover is dirty or smells unpleasant, then try cleaning the entire surface with soda. But better to try on a hidden spot first, if it works well.
  • Aligned upholstery: To renew the upholstery, you must first remove the entire upholstery fabric and then replace the interior. Afterwards it is advisable to open a brand new fabric, so that the repair is worthwhile.
  • Renew spring core. As a rule, you do not come to the feathers either, without removing the upholstery fabric and additionally the upholstery. Sometimes the springs are easy to re-tension and do not necessarily have to be replaced.
  • Refinish leather: Refine a leather cover with leather balsam and perhaps also with leather colors. After that, your couch almost looks like new again!

Tips & Tricks

If your sofa just squeaks annoying and you do not know exactly why, then here we have the solution for you!

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