Rebuild the corner sofa to fit into the new apartment

Corner sofas are available in many different sizes and formats, not every couch fits in everywhere. When moving, it can be really difficult if the new living room is cut very different from the old one. Maybe there is a patio door right where the long side of the corner sofa should be - or the heating just gets in the way. Is it worthwhile to rebuild the corner sofa?

Rebuild corner sofa: That's the effort

Most corner sofas are not designed by their manufacturers to a conversion, but there are always exceptions. In some cases, the individual seat units can be detached from each other and reassemble in a different combination.

See if this is the case with you before you plan major renovations to your couch. Maybe you are lucky and the desired shape is easy to achieve.

But in most cases this will not work, so unfortunately we have to say that the conversion is likely to be quite difficult. If you are not a skilled and resourceful craftsman, you should better keep away from it.

Short instructions for the conversion of a corner sofa

Your sofa is not designed by the manufacturer for a quick change? Then it goes now to the preserves! This is the best way to tackle your couch:

  • release existing connections
  • Carefully remove seat covers
  • Remove seat cushion
  • Release nosage springs at the points to be reshaped
  • Saw the body to fit
  • Make additions with plywood
  • To adapt items to each other
  • If necessary, reinsert springs
  • Replace padding and supplement if necessary
  • attach old or new covers

All in all, your renovation project means properly dissecting the entire corner sofa in order to modify the carcass. Probably at least the cover will not survive this intervention, then you need a new, decorative fabric.

If the upholstery is no longer the best, there is now a fitting opportunity to replace it. Because your converted corner sofa should not only fit perfectly in the room, but also be really comfortable!

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at the used furniture market before you make this complex conversion. You may find there a matching corner sofa, which is still in good condition, and so can save all the work.


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