Have the sofa professionally cleaned: procedure and costs

Sometimes everything does not help: the sofa is so badly polluted that one's own efforts hardly work. Over the years, strong odors have accumulated, the substance is gray with dust and in some places ugly spots appear. Hordes of mites are probably already lurking in the cushions! A professional cleaning can definitely help in this case.

These reasons speak in favor of having the couch professionally cleaned

A high-quality sofa is guaranteed not cheap, the quality pieces of furniture cost quite possibly 1000 euros or more. That's why it is really annoying when pollution spoils the good piece. With an expensive couch, professional cleaning is always worth it!

Often the concern plays an important role in damaging the sofa with overly intensive cleaning attempts. A reputable company, however, knows the subject very well and knows what to do.

If the experts do something wrong, a good specialist company always has insurance that replaces the damage. That's why you, as a couch owner, are on the safe side when you leave the work to a reputable professional team.

How does the professional cleaning work?

Various cleaning companies come on call to their customers home and carry out the work on site: So the sofa does not have to be laboriously transported. A professional cleaning usually includes the following items:

  • Deep cleansing including mite and germ control
  • Removal of surface dirt
  • deodorization
  • Final impregnation

Explore beforehand for the complete costs and have them confirmed in writing. Also ask about the drying times - and when you can use your professionally cleaned sofa again.

Where are the approximate costs?

Of course, the professional sofa cleaning does not cost the same for every provider, but here are some figures for their rough orientation:

furniturecleaning Price
armchairabout 50 EUR
2'er sofaabout 100 EUR
3'er sofaabout 140 EUR
corner couchabout 180 - 250 EUR
1'er, 2'er and 3'erabout 250 EUR
stoolabout 20 EUR

Tips & Tricks

In order to find a really good cleaning company, it is worth asking around the circle of acquaintances: If you have had good experiences, you are welcome to share them with others. A reputable company in Internet makes no full-mouthed promises and has a complete imprint.

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