The sofa smells musty? On the other hand, there is an effective way!

When the couch smells, it's hardly fun anymore to settle on it. Perhaps the pets have left their memory on the cover or the sweat of an overnight guest turns out to be just too tough and intrusive: In any case, this problem urgently needs to be eliminated - and there is a simple solution.

So does soda on your sofa against bad smell

So that the sofa no longer smells musty, you can treat it with soda. Yes, that's right: The substance, which is also in the normal baking soda, actually helps against the foul smell in the fabric!

And this works as follows: Soda is basic and therefore reacts with the acidic exhalation of your sofa. This is called in chemistry "neutralization" and causes the bad smell disappears.

By the way, natron has another effect: It breaks down protein-containing and fatty stains into their components and thus dissolves them from the sofa cover. Your couch will not only smell better, but also look cleaner!

How to use Natron as a Sofareiniger

The musty smelling sofa can be treated with either dry or wet soda, depending on how heavily it is soiled. The moist application has a resounding effect. Here is a short guide:

  • First completely vacuum off the sofa surface
  • Do a small soda compatibility test on a hidden spot
  • distribute the soda powder over the entire cover
  • if necessary, rub the powder layer gently with a damp cloth
  • leave everything to work overnight
  • About 24 hours later, vacuum the dry soda powder
  • immediately after that use the sofa back to normal

By the way, the germs and mites that have already settled in the sofa do not like the basic environment of Natron. Especially if you use the product damp, a disinfecting effect unfolds, which also keeps some of these pests away from you.

Tips & Tricks

The commercial textile fresheners from the drugstore also ensure a pleasant fresh scent, but soda is much more environmentally friendly. If your sofa smells so strong that it does not help either one or the other, you can still have it professionally cleaned.

Product Image: Alexeysun / Shutterstock

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