Clean the sofa with soda: This is how the old home remedy works!

Natron has the reputation of being a kind of all-rounder in the household. It is used as a raising agent, cleans joints and also serves to give fresh fruit an intense aroma. The substance also fulfills its purpose on the sofa as an effective cleaning agent. Bacteria and mites do not like soda at all.

That's what makes soda with your sofa!

Soda is available in powder form, in every drugstore and pharmacy. The substance binds bad odors and neutralizes them: This is because soda is basic and reacts with evaporating organic acids.

In combination with water, the agent breaks down fats and proteins, resulting in acids that turn the soda into salts. Corresponding stains dissolve and can be vacuumed. Incidentally, the substance eliminates germs and mites.

Damp or dry: How to clean your couch with soda

  • baking soda
  • possibly water
  • vacuum cleaner
  • clean, lint-free cloth

1. Vacuum the sofa

First, remove the coarse dirt with the vacuum cleaner, because it does not need to be treated with soda.

2. Test cleaning at a hidden point

In a limited, covert area, do a trial cleaning to see how your fabric reacts to the soda. If there is any discoloration, then you should stop this experiment.

3. Apply soda

Now you can decide whether you want to clean the sofa with dry or wet soda. Sprinkle the powder evenly on the surface and rub it with a damp cloth if necessary.

4. Suction off the soda again

Let the moist or dry soda work overnight, then after about 24 hours, simply vacuum it. After all, even the substance mixed with water is dry after such a long time.

Tips & Tricks

The dry treatment with soda is especially suitable for the removal of unpleasant odors and slight impurities. The use of water intensifies the effect and makes even stubborn stains disappear.

Product Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock