Work up softwood furniture and restore

Above all furniture made of spruce or pine is called softwood furniture. Even the firm placement of a bottle can leave a dent on a pine table, for example. So that your softwood furniture will be as beautiful as it was the first day, here are some ways to recondition and restore the furniture.

Natural wood look preserved

Not every piece of furniture should actually be completely changed. Often only the refreshing of the surface is desired. If the wood has not been treated yet, stains and discoloration have often penetrated deeply into the wood. These should be sanded as well as small dents. Depending on how deep the damage has penetrated, this may not be possible. Then probably no other choice than to paint the furniture in color.

Protect softwood

If you have sanded the softwood thoroughly, it should be sealed. At the same time this protects against future stains and works the color of the wood out very lively again. For a dining table, a clear coat may be the better choice, as liquids can then penetrate the wood significantly worse.

  • clearcoat
  • wood wax
  • wood oil

Consolidate connections

When soft wood furniture stays in the heated living space for a long time, the wood dries up and shrinks slightly. Therefore, the wood joints are loose and unstable. Before you protect the wood so, you should consolidate the loose connections either with wood glue or with additional screws. Use a wood glue that will clear when drying.

Colored change

Whether because of too much damage or because it is so desired, the colored change of a piece of furniture in the course of the restoration requires some operations. If you want to save the grind, you can use one of the newer lime paints that were designed for the vintage and shabby chic look. All you have to do is degrease the surface with vinegar and you can start painting directly.

Tips & Tricks

Sideboards or chests of drawers often become very unsightly on the top. In many cases, the damage can not be eliminated with grinding alone. To make the cabinet look nice and noble again, you can cover the surface with an adhesive film. This is inconspicuous if you use a film in stone look, because the wood color will never look as real on the film as the lower part of the cabinet.

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