Solar lights comparison 2018

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  • Solar lights convert solar energy into electricity through solar cells. Integrated batteries are charged by the power supply.
  • A photosensitive twilight sensor activates the solar lights and automatically lights when it gets dark. Models with a separate switch can be switched on or off manually.
  • Very durable LED lamps provide a constant light output. By constantly charging and discharging the batteries they last between two and three years, before they rapidly lose their power.

Solar lights comparison 2018: comparison

Nearly 57 million people living in Germany have access to a balcony or terrace in 2016, according to a survey of consumer and media analysis. While some look forward to their own personal outdoor area and use it to unwind, others see it as extra storage space for bicycles and crates.

Solar lights comparison 2018: lights

Solar lights are versatile.

23 million people in Germany plant their balcony, found out the Institute for Demoscopy in 2016. It is likely that these millions are looking for a cozy atmosphere. Especially when it gets dark and cozy, an atmospheric solar garden lighting is popular.

In our Solar Lights Comparison 2018 we would like to introduce the solar powered and environmentally friendly garden lamps. In addition, we explain in our purchase advice the most important quality factors such as material or even the presence of a twilight sensor.

Looking for more balcony and garden supplies or a place to position your LED solar lights? How about a timeless planter?

  • For comparison, the planter
  • To compare the potting soil

1. Environmentally friendly radiation: Solar cells convert solar energy into electricity

In the picture: photovoltaic

In connection with solar energy, you will always encounter two terms: Photovoltaic and solar thermal, In solar garden lighting, we are dealing with the principle of photovoltaics, in which solar cells convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Solar thermal energy, on the other hand, is used for resource-saving heating and produces heat, explains the Federal Environmental Agency.

The most important and most striking element of solar lights is already supported in the name. They are the Solar cells, which can generate a current flow by the supply of solar energy, This lights up the LEDs installed in the solar lamps.

Thanks to the sunlight, the electrons present in the solar cell are stimulated to migrate. By this movement of the electrons arises a current flow, which is forwarded to the batteries of the solar lamp, The rechargeable batteries give off the power to the LEDs as soon as you turn the lights on or off manually light-sensitive twilight sensor on the solar lights ensures the switching on of the lamps.

The solar cell of the solar lamp charges the batteries even in moderate sunshine. However, due to the lower activation of the electrons responsible for the current flow, the batteries take much longer to be fully charged.

Use LED solar lights as an environmentally friendly alternative to mains powered outdoor lighting.

2. Sunny types: The most common solar lamp categories at a glance

Just as there are different garden and balcony shapes, so is the product range of LED solar lights. In the following table we would like to introduce you to the types of sunlamps you will find most frequently.

Solar lighting typecharacteristics
Hanging solar lights

Solar lights comparison 2018: 2018

Hanging solar lights sign through her low weight out. You can find individual lights or lanterns often with a handle. On a hook or cord, you can fix the solar lamp so.

Lantern string lights are also very popular. which you can wrap around branches and poles like a Christmas tree chain. The solar cells are either bundled for all individual lights and designed as an end piece of the fairy lights, or on the lid of each individual light.

Spike solar lights

Solar lights comparison 2018: solar

Solar lights with earth spike have a long stem below the lampyou put in the lawn or a planter. The solar cells are located at the top of the solar lamp and often sit like a lid on the lamp.

These solar lights are suitable for the balcony and garden, Pay attention however to the length of the stalk, so that the earth spike solar lamp also fits into the balcony box. Very often they are used as path lights.

Stand-solar lights

Solar lights comparison 2018: comparison

They are both suitable as decoration of tables as well as for the illumination of beds or lawns, Just put the solar lights where you want them. Whether in spherical form or in a modern and at the same time rustic version made of glass, it is left to your taste.

The Solar cells are usually located in the upper area of ​​the floor lamp as a lid or are bundled with a cable attached to the lamp, At low dead weight of the material (for example, plastic), however, the solar lamp can be blown away in strong winds. The problem arises especially with spherical solar lights.

Wall Solar Lights

Solar lights comparison 2018: lights

Solar lights to be mounted on the wall often have an increased luminosity. you will be especially attached to doors and near house entrances, A freely movable solar module usually allows you to place the solar cells precisely for good sunshine.

Solar lights with motion detectors automatically light upas soon as the sensors register a movement. An additional on / off switch allows you to control the lights manually.

3. Buy solar lights made easy: the most important features

3.1. Sober at the buffet: The luminosity has an influence on the ambience

Depending on the purpose and location you should decide how much luminosity your solar lamp must have. If a paved path in the garden is to be illuminated by a solar light or if you want enough light to illuminate your terrace in the evening, you should reach for a product with high luminosity. For a cozy atmosphereto end the evening on the balcony or in the garden, We recommend a package with less luminosity.

What is already recommended as a decorating tip for the interior, can also be transferred to the outdoor living room: Many scattered light sources, which are less bright, create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.

Solar lights comparison 2018: comparison

Whether you prefer a solar lamp with color change or rather the classic-discreet, warm white lighting is a question of personal style.

Garden lamps with high luminosity have a higher power consumptionto create the brightness. As a rule, their lighting time is lower than with darker solar lamps. Do not worry, however, that your solar-powered outdoor lamp will stop glowing within two hours. Between six and eight hours is the average illumination duration of the outdoor lamps.

If you want a bright light with low power consumption, you can make the human color perception benefit. A cold color temperature of the LED lights is perceived by us brighter, as a yellow-reddish light that is often associated with coziness. Solar garden lights with the same luminosity can thus be perceived as having different brightness despite the same luminous flux in lumens (measure of the brightness of the luminaires). So watch out for a bright lamp on the color temperature, which you can read through the unit Kelvin.

  • cozy: suitable for relaxed get-together <3,300 Kelvin
  • neutral: ideal as pathway lighting <5,000 Kelvin
  • bright: to illuminate entrances and terraces> 5,000 Kelvin

3.2. Dependence in the garden: Charging the batteries and the sun's rays

Between six and eight hours, the average lighting time of the solar lamps is until they are completely discharged. That's enough in the summer to provide your outdoor area with light. Ideally, the sun shines all day long, thus Fully recharge the batteries of the solar lights within eight hours can. Unfortunately, this is not always possible on rainy days or when the sky is cloudy, so the solar lamps may have a shorter burn time.

Solar lights comparison 2018: lights

Buying warm white solar lights is a guarantee for comfort.

The constant loading and unloading process causes the battery usually loses power after two to three years or is even completely exhausted, If your solar lamp does not light up or only faintly after many months, it is most likely not due to a defective LED lamp. These have one Huge life from 10,000 to 100,000 operating hours, A new purchase of the battery is useful in rare cases and usually exceeds even the new purchase price of a new solar garden light. The Advantages and disadvantages of the solar lights in contrast to mains powered garden lighting at a glance:

  • energy saving
  • environmentally friendly
  • mobile
  • wireless
  • lower light intensity
  • Batteries prone to wear

3.3. Material advantages: Durable stainless steel and lightweight plastic

A solar lamp made of stainless steel or aluminum is not only more robust and durable at first glance but also at a second glance than plastic solar lamps. Nevertheless, each material has specific benefits that you should know to find the best solar light for your preferred type of use. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the respective materials:



deforms easily with hail

stainless steelrobust

High quality material

rather difficult

can start to rust if the alloy is damaged

Glassvery high weather resistance

looks very natural

greater weight

can break easily

plasticlow weight

low in the purchase price

little loadable

Our conclusion on the way to your personal test winner: Solar lights made of aluminum and plastic are particularly suitable for you if you want to attach the lamps to the ceiling as a pendant lamp. We recommend glass and stainless steel as a material if you are looking for robust long-life burners for long-lasting operation as an energy-saving outdoor lighting or visual highlight in the garden.

4. Outdoor lighting by solar lamps at Stiftung Warentest

Solar lights comparison 2018: 2018

Discreetly hidden along the way, earth spike lights provide sufficient light on the trails.

The testing institute has not yet carried out an independent test of the solar lights. However, there is a topic page about lamps and lighting in general. There, the experts of Stiftung Warentest clarify common terms such as lumens or Kelvin and present a test on LED lamps. In addition, the different versions of LED lights are discussed, so you can find the right light source for each version.

5. Major brands and manufacturers of solar lamps

Are you looking for high-quality solar lights in the set, arrange yourself best an ensemble of our solar lamp comparison winner. Whether you are looking for a solar bulb or a lantern, it is best to rely on the following manufacturers. Especially brands like One Concept, Relaxdays and Lights 4 Fun offer cheap solar lights.

  • Best Season
  • Brennenstuhl
  • Dehner
  • Esotech
  • Globo
  • Heitronic
  • Lights 4 Fun
  • One Concept
  • Lunartex
  • Luxform
  • My garden
  • Relax Days
  • Stellar
  • Westfalia

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