Solar lights in the garden

With the onset of dusk, the garden does not have to sink into darkness for a long time. Planned light accents create a feel-good atmosphere that invites you to experience the nocturnal nature in a new way: plants cast mysterious shadows and branches with fine leaves, as well as extraordinary flowers are staged by white or colored spots. A glare-free installation even makes the night garden pond shine. Solar lights convince particularly by their wireless installation with very good light output. We provide inspiring and informative tips and tricks for individual garden design with energy-saving solar lights.

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Contents: Individual garden design with solar lights

  • Functional or atmospheric light installation
  • Energy-saving solar lights for individual light accents in the garden
  • What to look for when buying solar lamps
  • Advantages and disadvantages of solar lights
  • Set atmospheric light accents
  • Practical tips and tricks for garden lighting

Functional or atmospheric light installation

A planned garden lighting not only creates optical depth and more structure, but also increases the general security when staying in the dark outdoor area: tripping hazards can be accentuated by well-placed spots or earth spikes, which automatically start to glow thanks to the automatic twilight function when additional light is needed. In this way, you can save electricity and still rely on safe lighting from solar lamps in the garden.

Alternatively, the garden lighting is merely as decorative element Roger that. It is then particularly important that dark areas are not fully illuminated, but individual plants, walls or water features are set only with warm soft or colored spots in scene. This creates a magical atmosphere in the outdoor area, as you emphasize the darkness in the other garden areas by deliberately chosen accents. In addition to solar-powered fairy lights, spikes and spots you can also rely on water jet with color change function - your creativity in the garden design with solar lights are no limits.

Energy-saving solar lights for individual light accents in the garden

The solar cells must catch sunlight.

solar panel

Due to steadily rising electricity prices, many hobby gardeners are already relying on energy-saving outdoor solar lights. The modern luminaires can be mounted wirelessly at the point of use and positioned as desired - even in the flower box on the windowsill or on the balcony there is room for a small earth spike with integrated solar cells. This has the decisive advantage that power cables lying around do not become a trip hazard or interfere with regular gardening. If you want to be sure about power-connected lamps, you have to lay the cables costly in protective tubes at a depth of around 40-60 cm: this costs time, energy and money.

The only prerequisite: The solar lights require enough sunlight during the day to be able to glow gently in the evening. The sunlight is absorbed by the solar cells and stored in a rechargeable battery, which returns the energy to the environment as light when darkness sets in. The built-in rechargeable battery supplies the LED lamp with energy for around eight hours and thanks to the integrated twilight sensor, the lamp starts to light up on its own - but it can not simply be switched off again when needed and often only acts as a gentle mood light. Therefore, solar lights often find their use as spot on the wayside, spit in the bed or flower box as well as floating light accent in the garden pond.

What to look for when buying solar lamps

In the meantime, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the purchase of solar lights: Almost every type of luminaire is available in different sizes, so you quickly lose track of everything. For this reason, we have put together for you important features and product features of high quality solar lights, which you should pay attention to when buying:

Individual garden lighting with colorful solar lamps.

garden lighting

Check if the solar light with monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells Because the efficiency of monocrystalline solar cells is significantly higher, these lamps can also be used in shady garden areas, but are often also more costly.

Furthermore, you should already decide in advance if you warm white or cold light want to use. While warm white often supports a moody atmosphere and flatters the eye, tripping hazards, basements or the entrance area are better emphasized by cold light to increase visibility. Decisive here is the proportion of red and blue in the light.

Tip: If the solar light uses energy-saving LEDs, it shines especially long and efficiently.

The built-in rechargeable battery usually gives off the stored energy for about eight hours. Be sure that no nickel-cadmium-lead battery was installed. He is suspected of being harmful to the environment and particularly susceptible to deslagging and should therefore not be deployed.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar lights

Advantages of solar lightsDisadvantages of solar lights
1. wireless and therefore very fast installation in any location1. Luminosity lower than conventional garden lamps
2. no running costs (environmentally friendly)2. Depends on sunlight

3. integrated automatic twilight

3. strong bulbs shorten the lighting time

4. suitable for use in the bed, pond and tub

4. no on-off function

Set atmospheric light accents

Not always the garden should be brightly lit, for example, to be able to cross it without danger. An atmospheric atmosphere with scattered light accents is particularly well suited for the garden design for a planned summer party in the outdoor area.

Solar lights are also suitable for use on the balcony.

Solar lights balcony

Showcase your garden with warm white or colorful party lights: If the solar lights are discreetly integrated in the planting of the beds during the day, so they unexpectedly illuminate plants and buildings at dusk, the effect is particularly beautiful and the garden is experienced in a completely new way, Especially here are spotlights with color change, so you can emphasize and support the natural colors of individual garden areas, such as the red of roses or green of ivy.

If you want, you can even buy fairy lights and lanterns with solar cells. These should be weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. In addition, fairy lights are particularly beautiful when, after some time, they are surrounded by climbing plants and fit harmoniously into the garden picture, without attracting attention during the day. So you can enjoy your individual lighting all year round - thanks to automatic twilight, your winter garden shines already in the afternoon, so that the living room is visually enlarged.

Practical tips and tricks for garden lighting

A well-installed garden lighting increases safety in the dark and at the same time creates an atmospheric atmosphere. Finally, we have put together for you five practical tips for a quick implementation of your garden project.

Solar spots in stone optics for pond lighting.

solar Spots

  1. accent lighting: Garden lights have the greatest effect if they are used deliberately reduced to emphasize individual sections - not to illuminate entire areas, which would also be much better suited to power-based luminaires.
  2. Create shadow: Beam objects or plants diagonally from below. In this way, a beautiful shadow is created and the individual contours are best staged. A particularly beautiful shade can be achieved with hard light without a diffuser.
  3. color effectWarm white or cold lights are not always the best choice. Especially in the fall or in the ornamental bed, the use of colorful solar lights has proven itself, as they emphasize the natural beauty of the plants.
  4. pond lighting: The garden pond and small water features or streams are an eye-catcher due to floor spots in stone optics or floating LED pond lights.
  5. material: Pay attention to suitability for outdoor use. In this way, you can leave your solar lights in cold and damp in the bed or tub and enjoy the long winter nights cozy illuminated.

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