Solar pond pump comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the solar pond pump comparison or test 2018

  • Solar pond pumps require neither a power outlet, nor a power connection. The necessary power for commissioning is generated by solar energy and stored in an included solar panel.
  • Solar pumps for the pond usually have only a decorative function and produce attractive water features or cascades. The manageable flow rate of a maximum of 2,500 liters is less suitable for permanently cleaning a pond landscape.
  • If you do not want to give up your solar fountain and manage a pond with fish stock, you need a second powerful pond pump or a pond filter system, which circulate the water.

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: comparison

For real garden lovers, the green idyll in your own garden can not be atmospheric enough. Rich lawns, colorful flower beds and tasty crops not only keep up the workload, but also provide a quiet retreat.

To give the local enclave the finishing touch, many gardeners rely on the contemplative sounds of a garden pond. According to a survey of the German pet market in 2015 Pond fish such as koi or goldfish are even among the most popular pets for 1.6 million Germans.

The optical pleasures above the water surface are provided by various pond pump models. A particularly ecological and sustainable variant is the solar pond pump, which is powered solely by solar energy. What you need to look out for during commissioning and what benefits the solar pond pump brings is explained in our solar pond pump comparison 2018.

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Solar pond pump comparison 2018: pump

1. A solar pond pump provides atmosphere

Be careful with the pump choice

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: comparison

Also when buying a pump it depends on subtleties and Not every model is suitable for all applications, If you are looking for a device with which you can pump out your cellar in case of emergency or if you want to completely clear a pool of water, you should use a submersible pump or a drainage pump. These models have a much higher flow rate, but are not suitable to ensure the circulation of a garden pond or for any water features.

Each garden pond, regardless of its size, represents its own ecosystem. To ensure that this delicate equilibrium is not disturbed and the oxygen content, as well as possible contamination and suspended matter, do not get out of control, continuous circulation and filtering is essential. Take over this job pond pumps, which usually feed a pond filter, The larger your water landscape is and the more ornamental fish are in the pond, the more intense the water must be filtered.

Unlike a special filter or watercourse pump, which provides primarily for the circulation of water in the pond, are Solar pond pumps usually only suitable for decorative purposes, One pump type is not worse than the other per se, but the functions of both pond pumps are not comparable.

If you are looking for a pure pond pump for water games, there are two options:

  • You decide on a fountain pump, which is powered by electricity
  • or you use a solar pond pump that runs exclusively on solar energy.

The latter work without disruptive power cables and produce environmentally friendly and sustainable water images on your pond landscape.

2. Which solar pond pump types are there?

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: pond

No frills: a solar pump for the pond is quickly and easily disassembled.

Regardless of whether you opt for a solar-powered pond pump or a classic model, in the basic structure, the devices hardly differ.

In addition to the sprinkler attachments and riser pipes, which allow water features, lies the heart of the matter: the electric motor. This in turn drives a rotor, which is located in a pump housing for protection. The structure is thus very manageable and all items can be quickly assembled or disassembled.


Solar pond pump comparison 2018: 2018

Solar pond pump without battery
A solar pond pump without battery draws its energy exclusively from the supplied solar panel, By cable, both parts are connected together and the necessary power for water fountains and other water images is transmitted.

Biggest shortcoming: If the sky is cloudy, the sprinklers stay off because no solar energy can be used.

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: 2018

Solar pond pump with battery
Also in this type of solar pump for the pond is the production of cascades, water bells and fountains in focus.

Your biggest asset: Excess solar energy can be stored by means of the battery, This creates a certain independence from the light and weather conditions and even allows nighttime operation.

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: pond

Solar Stream Pump
In contrast to pure solar pond pumps are The solar watercourse pumps on average significantly more powerful and have a higher flow rate, The former usually circulate between 150 and 800 liters per hour, watercourse pumps up to 2,500 l / h.

The reason for this is that the head, that is, the vertical meters that have to be overcome so that the water can pass a gradient, is significantly higher.

Let there be lightSo that you can enjoy the water pictures of your solar pond pump even after sunset, There are also models with LED lighting, A solar pond pump with LED not only creates appealing water images, but also creates atmospheric light effects on the water surface.

3. Purchase advice for solar pond pumps: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The capacity - The capacity of the pond is crucial

The flow rate of your solar pond pump is especially relevant if you want to do without another pond filter system. Due to the rather low circulation rate, which is usually only more than 800 l / h for solar watercourse pumps, the cleaning performance is extremely manageable. So that the ecosystem does not tip over in your garden pond, The complete pond water should be filtered within two hours, If this is not the case, both your fish and pond plants can be permanently damaged.

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: solar

Our tipWhen you buy a solar pond pump, be sure to keep an eye on the capacity of your pond. Solar pond pumps with a low flow rate are more suitable for mini ponds or ornamental tanks up to 500 l.

3.2. Choose the delivery height carefully

Before you dare a domestic solar pond pump test, you should think about the desired height and size of your streams and solar water games. The larger the distance between the surface of the water and the actual exit point, the larger the max. Head of your personal solar pond pump test winner. If this is too low, your water pictures will not splutter.

In order to make your selection easier, we will show you below popular brands and manufacturers who have made a name for themselves in the areas of pond and garden care:

  • oasis
  • FIAP
  • Southern Solar
  • Aly
  • PK Green
  • Agora-Tec
  • Heissner
  • T.I.P.
  • Esotec
  • CLGarden
  • Deuba

3.3. End with cables?

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: solar

Camouflaged as a water lily, the pond pump floats with solar operation over the water surface.

Especially when creating large ponds or entire pond areas, good planning is important. Finally, the result should be as natural as possible and integrate easily into the environment. What disturbs the idyll, are cables that usually lead to a power source.

Completely wireless is not possible even with the best solar pond pump, if you are using a model with an external solar panel or battery. If you want to do without any cable clutter, there are round solar water pumps that float directly on the water surface.

4. FAQs about solar pond pump

4.1. Which location should you choose for the solar panel?

Solar pond pump comparison 2018: comparison

Best place the module away from large shade dispensers.

So that as much light as possible and thus valuable solar energy in the solar module catches, the location of your solar pond pump is cheap to choose. In other words: When placing, pay attention to a southern orientation Toward the sun and avoid any shadows from trees, fences or other plants if possible. So that the panel does not slip, simply fix the construction with a spike. The necessary accessories are in every solar pump set.

4.2. Can you clean solar pond pumps?

Yes, you can and should do this regularly. Although testing institutes such as the Stiftung Warentest have not yet dealt with the category of solar pond pump, relevant solar pond pump tests show that an annual bath in a decalcifier solution for garden pumps as well as a Regular cleaning of the filter can maximize the life of your solar powered pump.

For cleaning simply open the connector system and housing with a screwdriver and remove fine and coarse particles with water. The solar panel should also be cleaned regularly. Here is enough rubbing with a gentle cloth.

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