Solar shower comparison 2018

Purchase advice for solar shower comparison or test 2018

  • The solar shower is solar powered and designed for outdoor use.
  • Most solar showers have a mixer tap. This also makes it possible to shower with warm water.
  • The solar shower does not need a separate connection. It works solely by the sunlight and brings with it no additional energy costs.

Solar shower comparison 2018: solar

The solar shower is a mostly freestanding shower that is used in the garden. It has a mixer tap in most cases, so you can shower hot and cold. The shower itself works solely by the power of sunlight. This means that no further connections are needed.

Thanks to its ease of use and its small footprint, the solar shower is often used as a pool shower or simply for quick body cleaning after work in the garden. When choosing a solar shower, there are several criteria that must be considered.

So you will learn more about the water tank, the equipment and the quality in our solar shower comparison 2018. It is worth consulting a solar shower test before buying and comparing showers from different manufacturers.

1. Functioning and fields of application of the solar shower

Beware of the space selection
When looking for a suitable place for the solar shower, care should be taken that no floor windows are nearby. Especially when a house with cellar is on the property, there is enough space between the cellar windows and the solar shower.

The operation of the solar shower is particularly simple, because the solar energy is used here. With the help of the warm rays, the temperature of the water can rise to 70° C and more. The heated water is stored in an integrated water tank.

This is usually dark colored and can thus keep the heat even better. So the whole solar shower becomes a solar cell. Often the solar shower is freestanding. That means it can be placed anywhere in the garden. The water comes out of the garden hose.

This can be connected via a classic ½ inch connection to the shower. When building it is important to make sure that you integrate a drain. If this is not there, it can happen that the water can not seep into the earth fast enough.

That's bad for the floor. In addition, the water may possibly run into an area where it can cause damage, such as in the basement. Interesting are the versatile uses of the solar shower. Summertime is garden time and here you not only want to relax on the lounger, but also cool off in the pool.

Solar shower comparison 2018: solar

Classic solar showers are usually permanently installed.

Similar to a swimming pool, even when using a private pool or a bathing pond, it is recommended to take a shower before and after bathing. This prevents dirt from getting into the water.

You can also wash off chlorine afterwards. However, the way from the shower in the house back to the pool can be quite long and make sure that you bring dirt and moisture into the house.

Here you can make it much easier with a solar shower. Like the pool cover and swimming pool monitoring, it is often part of the fixed equipment around the garden pool.

The solar shower is very happy to be placed in the garden even if, for example, you often work longer in the garden and get into a sweat here. It's nice to be able to wash yourself outside right away. Another application is the weekend gardens.

Often there is no space for a shower in the bungalow. The solar shower is a very good alternative in this case. Since the solar shower usually has a mixer tap, you can of course take a cold shower and refresh yourself under the garden shower.

2. The different types of solar shower

Basically, a distinction is made between the classic solar shower for permanent installation and the camping solar shower. But there are also gradations, such as in the execution of the shower. Below are the different types of solar showers.

TypeIllustrationAdvantages and disadvantages

Classic solar shower

Solar shower comparison 2018: solar

Easy installation due to the two-part structure - pedestal and base plate

Shower head and mixer integrated

Is made of stainless steel or plastic

Fixing must be adapted to the ground, for example with bolts

After mounting only cumbersome again displaced

Camping solar shower

Solar shower comparison 2018: 2018

Mobile solution for on the go

Consisting of water tank, suspension cord and hose

Water tank is a pvc sack

Low capacity

Less comfort

Solar shower with hand shower

Solar shower comparison 2018: solar

Designed like the classic solar shower

Shower can be removed

So the hair stays dry when needed

Hand shower is more prone to damage, such as wind or cold

Priced usually more expensive

2.1. The pros and cons of the solar shower

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of solar showers:

  • works without electricity
  • can be connected to the garden hose
  • Showers are warm and cold possible
  • Tank needs to be cleaned frequently
  • Damage due to weather conditions possible
  • expensive in purchase and installation

3. Purchase advice for the solar shower with water tank - important criteria in a solar shower test

Solar shower comparison 2018: comparison

With a large water tank, you can enjoy the outdoor shower longer.

When looking for a solar shower, it is helpful to consult a solar shower test that covers various categories and criteria, such as the water tank, mounting, and handling.

The solar shower comparison gives you a picture of the different models. In part, Stiftung Warentest carries out tests for garden tools. However, there is still no test for solar showers to find.

3.1. The water tank as an important factor

Does the solar shower cover 40 liters or does the solar shower use 35 liters? This question can only be answered by looking at the water tank. The garden shower has an integrated water tank in which the water is heated.

Already 35 liters are enough for two to three people. Taking shower under your shower also children, it is recommended to choose the model with the larger tank.

Tip: Remember that it takes time for the water in the tank to warm up again. Showers many people under the garden showers, it should rather be the larger tank.

3.2. The view of the shower

When buying the solar shower and the shower plays an important role. A rain shower head makes for a particularly pleasant waterfall in the shower. A solar shower with a hand shower, on the other hand, is especially useful if you also want to take a shower frequently without getting your hair wet. In addition, a speedshower is simplified if you can quickly go with the water over the entire body.

Tip: Sometimes the solar shower has a special foot shower. Again, this is especially useful for children.

3.3. The attachment of the garden shower

Solar shower comparison 2018: shower

Use a solar shower comparison to find the right model.

With the camping solar shower, the question of fixing does not even arise. A classic camping solar shower is simply hung in the tree. The situation is different with the variants in which the solar shower is freestanding. Often brings the garden shower already with a bottom plate.

So it just has to be set up. The underground should be here. It is recommended to pour the shower in cement and stabilize it. Concrete or wood panels are also a practical recommendation.

4. The most famous manufacturers of solar showers

The solar shower with water tank is offered by different manufacturers. Which brand offers the best solution for your garden depends on how big the water tank should be and which design you prefer with the solar garden shower. Particularly well-known are the following variants and brands:

  • Berlan solar shower
  • Normal solar shower
  • Hellweg solar shower
  • Steinbach Speedshower solar shower
  • Obi garden shower
  • aquamarine
  • ideal
  • Max Fox
  • Pool Friends
  • Semptec
  • Deuba
  • astral pool
  • Mauk
  • Arkema

The solar shower à la self-made is also increasingly seen and can represent a low-cost solution.

5. The most important questions and answers about the solar shower

5.1. Which designs are available at the garden shower?

The outdoor solar shower is not only practical, it can also be a great eye-catcher. If the garden shower has wood as the base material, then it blends perfectly into the garden.

As an alternative to the model made of real wood, there is also the solar shower in wood look. If the solar shower uses stainless steel, it is particularly robust and easy to clean. If you are looking for a lightweight model, the aluminum solar shower can be the optimal choice. Often this solar shower is cheap.

5.2. How long does the water stay warm in the solar garden shower?

In the heat storage, the water can stay warm for several days even when the sun is not shining. The best solar shower scores with a particularly stable heat storage, which keeps the water at a high temperature for a long time.

To warm the water in the water tank as quickly as possible, the garden shower should be placed in a sunny spot. This also has the advantage of stepping out of the shower directly into the sun and not freezing.

5.3. How to build a solar shower

If you want to build a garden shower yourself, this is relatively easy. For this you need a black canister, a dark plastic tube, a shower head, a beam and a mixer tap. A very good guide for self-construction can be found on the Internet.

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