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  • A soldering iron is a tool whose form is reminiscent of a voltage tester. It has a particularly thermally conductive tip, which reaches temperatures above 400° C during operation. Thus, it is possible to selectively produce metal alloys which, on account of the material mixture, are referred to as solder during soldering.
  • With a soldering iron, you can do small manual work and repair broken cables. Even when modeling a soldering iron is often used.
  • If you do not have any soldering accessories such as a refractory sponge, flux (for better distribution of the solder) or spare soldering tips in your toolbox, you can buy a soldering station directly. A soldering set is already available for about 25 euros.

Soldering iron comparison 2018: 2018

If you think of doing more manual work in the future, you are not alone. Just in the field of electronics can be repaired with a little skill much in-house.

"In 2015, there were about 12.38 million people in the German-speaking population aged 14 and over who had particular interest in home improvement and do-it-yourself work."

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The soldering iron is an indispensable tool for budding home improvement enthusiasts. Regardless of whether Circuit boards, LEDs, broken copper cables or for model making: In our 2018 Soldering Iron Comparison, we'll tell you what you need to consider if you want to buy the best soldering iron.

1. Save 20 euros and repair your extension cable yourself

Soldering iron comparison 2018: iron

A metal too soldering means you generates a solder and thus a metal alloy, This is again one Connection of two different metals meant, which arises at high temperature.

In private use you will hardly be with the brazing (Temperatures of more than 450° C necessary) come into contact. At the soldering however, in tinplate or electrical equipment, a tin-lead alloy with about 2 percent flux is often used as the solder material. This alloy simply becomes solder called and characterized by a good conductivity (cost: about 6 € / 100 g).

Who does not know that? A charging or extension cable suddenly does not work anymore - the reason: cable break.

That sounds worse than it actually is. Inside a cable are twisted wires (mostly copper) that have been isolated. If the cable breaks, the conductivity of the wires at a certain point is no longer present.

Now you can either buy a new cable directly or you can access your soldering iron set, consisting of:

  • Soldering iron or soldering gun
  • Flux (soldering water or solder paste)
  • Replacement soldering iron tips
  • solder
  • Soldering stand or soldering iron holder
  • solder pads
  • Lötpumpe
  • tweezers

The repair is very simple: the Soldering iron can heat the solderuntil it becomes liquid and can be put on the ends of the stripped copper wires. Is the temperature of the soldering iron, go Copper and solder a solid connection with each other which guarantees conductivity.

Finally, the cable only needs to be insulated - for example, with a heat shrink tube - and you can use it again. But always be careful when working with the soldering iron, the risk of injury is very high due to the high temperatures!

Everything alright:

If you do not want to assemble your soldering iron set with accessories separately, you can also do it directly buy a good soldering station, Even if you plan to use the soldering iron in continuous operation, you should place it next to the permanent soldering tips on a soldering machine with mains operation.

If you have no experience in craft activities in the field of electronics, we can also recommend the guide "repairs compact - electrical + network" Stiftung Warentest.

2. Battery or gas soldering iron, chisel or pen tip? - Which type of soldering tool is suitable for you

2.1. Solder types - Mobile and handy

Most soldering irons are in terms of feel very pleasant to use, The shape is reminiscent of a pin or voltage tester (or, in the case of a soldering gun, a hot glue gun).

From which category you should choose your personal soldering iron test winner, you can find the following operating mode table.

Cordless Soldering IronStandard soldering ironSoldering iron with gas

Soldering iron comparison 2018: iron

Soldering iron comparison 2018: 2018

Soldering iron comparison 2018: comparison

mobile use
ideal for LEDs
little power
solid performance (~ 50 watts)
ideal for soldering
requires power connection
high temperatures (500° C)
ideal for brazing
requires gas cartridges
Danger during soldering: If you work with electrical appliances and electricity, you should always think about safety, To check for potential voltage, always use the multimeter or voltage tester before performing the first soldering iron test.

2.2. Up to the tips: What really matters with soldering iron

  • The performance: A soldering iron should provide at least 25 watts when powered by AC power. A cordless soldering iron can deliver solid results even with just 10 watts.
  • The temperature: Solder can already melt at 180° C (depending on the composition). A good guideline is 300° C, which should also reach a cheaper soldering iron. On average, however, soldering irons reach a maximum temperature of 450° C. by the way: A soldering iron with temperature control is highly recommended for particularly delicate work.
  • Heating time: This refers to the time required for a soldering machine to reach an operating temperature of about 300° C.
  • The summit: Soldering irons have chisel or pin-shaped tips. While a chisel tip can be used universally, pen tips are suitable for particularly fine soldering work, for example on circuit boards. A good soldering tool should have interchangeable tips so you can not only replace them, but also customize them. by the way: A good soldering station is usually sold with a small selection of soldering tips.

Soldering iron comparison 2018: iron

3. Questions and answers around the topic soldering iron

3.1. What is it about pyrography?

Pyrography means that Painting with a burnt wooden flask on wood, However, you can also use a traditional soldering iron to do pyrography. All you need is a suitable material such as pine, birch or maple.

A fire hazard! Always remember the danger of soldering. At temperatures beyond 300° C can be fast a fire kindled become. Children should never use soldering irons unattended and a fire extinguisher must also be within reach.

3.2. What is a desoldering station or a desoldering pump?

Soldering iron comparison 2018: iron

If you work on boards, highest precision is required. Here you should use a pen tip.

If it to remove a soldered connection applies, you can virtually reverse the soldering process. For this purpose, the solder must be reheated and put into a liquid state of matter. Subsequently, the solder can be vacuumed with the aid of a desoldering pump.

3.3. How do I clean the soldering tip of flux and tin remnants?

If you notice that deposits are accumulating on the soldering tip while working with the soldering iron, you will need to clean it. For this you use onetemperature resistant sponge (a household sponge is unsuitable), where you can quickly wipe the tip.

3.4. Which brand or manufacturer of soldering iron are there?

You can of course buy any soldering iron or soldering iron stations from Obi or Bauhaus, but if you value quality, you should consider a product from reputed manufacturers like ERSA, OHE or SOAIY to buy. The following overview shows you more brands:

  • Weller
  • Vida
  • Fixpoint
  • Tabiger
  • Fine
  • AGT
  • Komerci

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