Repair soldering iron - is it worth it?

When the soldering iron gives up the ghost, good advice is often expensive. Soldering irons are usually simple, but often difficult to repair. What is possible and when you should buy a new soldering iron, read in this post.

Spare parts for soldering iron

For most simple soldering irons without temperature control, the procurement of spare parts is usually not worthwhile. Simple soldering irons are available, as well as soldering needles, already under 10 EUR in the trade.

For higher-quality devices, a search for the cause and a remedy may still be worthwhile in some cases - especially with soldering stations, the cause of defects can lie in other areas.

In this context, soldering stations are often worthwhile, in which the soldering iron is connected to the station via a plug. If the piston itself is defective, it can usually be easily replaced by a new piston.

Problems with broken tip

When the tip of a soldering iron is broken off, it often means that the soldering iron does not work anymore because it overheats very quickly. A repair is then usually futile.

Even with a break of the heating coil for other reasons, you can do in most cases for the soldering iron nothing more, except to replace it. An explanation for this can be found here.

Repair the soldering gun

A soldering gun works differently than a soldering iron. Here, direct current flows through the front soldering device, which is heated by the current flow and the electrical resistance. If the front part can be unscrewed, replacement is usually possible without any problems if damaged.

The repair of the transformer installed in the device, however, is often expensive and rarely rewarding. The usual for household use soldering guns are also quite cheap to get - the prices start here usually around 20 EUR. Cheap devices and simple soldering iron as a replacement you can often buy for 10 EUR or less.

Tips & Tricks

Of course you can exchange a broken soldering iron tip easily. You get them individually or in a set, the prices vary depending on the model. In most cases, you will have to expect about 0.70 EUR - 1 EUR for a new soldering iron tip.

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