Soldering with a lighter - is that possible?

Not always, if you just need to solder something, a soldering iron is at hand. Whether you can solder with the lighter, where that works, and what you have to remember, you will learn in detail in this post.

Required temperature

Depending on the type of solder, solder has a melting point in the range of around 180 - 230° C. In order to solder something, this temperature should definitely be punctually be achieved.

This is basically possible with a lighter, as the temperature of a lighter flame can be between 800 and 1,300° C, depending on the temperature range. Cigar lighters achieve even higher temperatures. Particularly useful here are the Jet Flame lighters or the modern laser lighters (highest possible temperature of the lighter).


Of course, it is also important for soldering that the temperature acts on a certain point. This is often problematic because you have to use a soldering tip. A nail can be used for this, but the thermal conductivity is somewhat limited, so you have to heat the nail longer.

If you use a laser lighter for cigars, you may also be able to light a point and possibly do without a tip in one case or another.


Very accurate solder joints or loosening points on temperature-sensitive materials (electronics, components, etc.) can certainly not be produced with a lighter.

Possibility to solder cable

Since a copper cable has a very good thermal conductivity, you can heat the copper directly with the lighter, and press together with the solder on the solder joint.

Large and fairly simple solder joints can be made in this way safely. Whether the solder joint is really durable, depends mainly on your own skill and the temperature achieved.

Soldering with nail and lighter

If you use a nail, you should first put it through a cork so that you can hold the nail without burning yourself. Because of the low heat conduction, you will probably need to heat the nail tip for a long time before it is sufficiently hot.

Tips & Tricks

You can also build a simple soldering iron yourself with a little skill. Click on the link to get to our guide and further hints.

Video Board: How to Make a Soldering Iron by Lighter