Massively built garage

Plan with the house

Who builds a massive garage of bricks, also has endless design options. That's why the "garage should be planned and created right away with the house", recommends Dipl.-Ing. Hans Peters, Managing Director of Deutsche Poroton. Then a harmonic architecture is created.

Plan garage area generously

Massively built garage: massively

A garage should be planned generously in order not to have to get into the car in a cramped way. In addition, the future should also be considered. Maybe son or daughter will soon be driving and want to hire a car of their own. Then a double garage makes sense. If you want to accommodate tools, lawnmowers or car accessories, you should plan extra space in front of or next to the vehicle.

Roof can be used as a terrace, storage space or living space

Whether single or double garage: The shelter for the car should fit the house. The individual wishes determine size and shape. Several variants are conceivable. The garage can be fully integrated into the building. If the brick garage stands out, a terrace can be set up on its roof. As an alternative, the garage roof can serve as additional storage or living space - Poroton bricks with their positive characteristics ensure a special feel-good climate.

Heated garage as a hobby room

If the brick storage room is connected directly to the house, a heater can be installed there without any effort. So the home improvement or hobbyist can pursue his passion even in the cold months. Likewise, power and water connection are laid quickly. Important: The connecting door to the house must be fire-retardant. Further information on building with Poroton is available from Deutsche Poroton

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