Solid parquet or multi-layer parquet: What is the difference?

Solid parquet or multi-layer parquet: What is the difference?: difference

In the rough you can between distinguish two types of parquet: The massive parquet and the multi-layer parquet.

Depending on what kind of loads the flooring will be exposed to and what kind of processing you want, you can choose between various types of solid or multi-layer parquet choose.

Both have their advantages. While Multi-layer parquet faster and easier to lay is, can Solid wood parquet worked up again at any time and after Desire to treatbecome T.

solid flooring

The solid parquet is one continuous layer of woodin the Usually glued over the entire surface becomes.

Only after the installation will the untreated wood panels with oil or varnish treated.

This results in the following advantages:

  • Their soil is very stable and robust due to the solid wood panels, the bonding, as well as the laying technique
  • He has a long shelf life (at least 10 years)
  • If desired, a treatment with wax, oil or varnish is possible.
  • You also decide on the desired laying pattern
  • You can renovate and sand the floor several times

Multilayered Flooring

Solid parquet or multi-layer parquet: What is the difference?: difference

Laying of finished parquet

The multi-layer parquet, also known as ready-made parquet, sets itself apart three layers of wood glued together together, of which usually the top layer of hardwood and the other layers, the base plate, made of softwood consists.

The glued wooden panels are already treated and are using a tongue and groove connection laid.

The advantages of this parquet form are:

  • Stability and durability: It is a little less robust than the solid hardwood floor. However, unlike many alternatives, it still has high durability and stability.
  • Easy to use: Tongue & groove connection allows easy and quick installation, even without a specialist.
  • No sanding and no treatment with wax or oil necessary as it is already sanded and treated.
  • It can be laid floating or glued over the entire surface

Special massive parquet varieties

Even in special cases, in which additional factors must be taken into account, there are the Possibility of a matching parquet floor to find.

  • In drywall, the so-called strip parquet used and nailed invisibly
  • As a replacement for carpet after a renovation or on a floor heating that is suitable Mosaic parquet with 8 mm preferably
  • For extreme load on the flooring, such as in public buildings or workshops, the industrial parquet is suitable with 22 mm, which is stable by its thickness and can be repeatedly renovated and sanded.

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