Demanding quality with high conservation value - Find the right wooden floor at reasonable prices

If you are looking for an extremely natural looking floor covering, you should include the wooden floorboard in the shortlist. They promise a natural and homely feel, are suitable in any combination with other furnishings and furniture and are also particularly practical in care and conservation. That the wooden floorboard prices sometimes vary greatly is well known. So the quality decides decisively in the optics.

Do not compromise with wooden floorboards made of oak or spruce wood

The question of the type of wood is not only relevant in terms of costs. Every wood brings with it advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered in terms of care and maintenance, durability and their surface appearance. The European spruce or Nordic spruce is characterized by a pleasantly light softwood, which has a visible structure by dark parts. It is particularly easy to glaze or opaque treat, also it is very stable and elastic.
Oak floor boards are relatively heavy, but very robust and thus offer an extremely high strength. The corresponding bulk density is absolutely unique compared to other woods, so that signs of wear and tear are barely visible. At the same time oak wood swells significantly less than, for example, compared to the spruce wood. So it stays in shape even with moisture in the room and receives the unique look. The decisive factor is that such oak wood for wooden floorboards is obtained from a certified company. Oak planks are particularly popular because the aesthetics and quality is really outstanding. See for yourself!

In Germany takes pure nature play a pioneering role, because the family-run, traditional company sets the highest standards in wood selection and processing. This includes, for example, a CE mark in accordance with DIN EN 14342. This refers to emission values, ie volatile organic components that influence the indoor climate. In addition, each tree can be traced to the meter with accuracy of origin. More information about the special wooden floorboards can be found on the website of pur natur.

Untreated wooden floorboards are already available from 12.99 euros per square meter

Natural The quality of workmanship in the wooden floor boards plays a major role. Of course, there is also the other side: cheap flooring for the narrow bag means, among other less "durability" of the wooden floor. The more durable, the longer the life of the product. The way the wood treatment is based mainly on their own preferences and the regular load. Wood flooring is groomed by sealing, oiling and waxing. In the case of a wooden floor, experts especially select the water-based sealant, because it can be realized without much effort and, above all, affordably priced.
However, depending on the wish, the possibilities of sealing remain limited, especially with regard to color or other optical aspects. By means of oils or waxes, on the other hand, wooden plank flooring can be dyed or bleached at will. But wood is not the same wood, depending on the nature and condition requires targeted pretreatment. Depending on the requirement, sometimes considerably smaller grain sequences are required when sanding, as well as unevenness can only be compensated effectively with a lye wiper or spatula.
To give you a rough overview of the typical prices for wooden floorboards, we provide below a non-exhaustive list of the most popular wood species and varieties.

/ TypePrice per square meter
Timber floor (untreated) made of spruce, Nordic pine or Siberian larchfrom 12,99 Euro
Wooden floor (ground) made of spruce, northern pine or Siberian larchfrom 22,00 Euro
Wooden floor (nordic spruce, oiled)about 25,00 Euro
Wooden floor (oak, painted)about 30,00 Euro
Wooden floor (oak, oiled / brushed)about 33,00 Euro
Timber floor (certain beech, ash or oak wood, pre-treated with oil)between 40.00 and 70.00 euros
Colored wooden floorboards (washed out)about 80 euros
Wooden floor (walnut)from 90,00 Euro
Wooden floor (cherry)from 100,00 Euro
Wooden floor (walnut), top qualitybetween 120.00 and 250.00 euros

Practical tips for cleaning and grinding, as well as for use in combination with underfloor heating

Did you know that wooden floorboards are comparable to parquet in terms of their thermal conductivity? In addition, the so-called thermal resistance is relatively high, which means that wooden planks stores incoming heat for a very long time. For this reason, as well as due to the lower risk of joint formation, which is due to low residual moisture, oak wooden floorboards are ideal for high-performance underfloor heating. A quality manufacturer like pure nature Thanks to its 10 years of experience, it offers its wood planks to be explicitly compatible and knows the right choice of wood and the right accessories for it.
A few more important notes on cleaning or sanding with respect to wooden floorboards:
If oiled or waxed, the wooden floor board lacks an effective protective layer, which makes it more sensitive. A prudent approach is essential to keep the floor covering for a long time. Cleaning with a damp cloth is the only thing that keeps this floor in the long term - without the addition of cleaning agents.
When renovating old floor coverings, sanding and subsequent sealing are recommended. First, you should work with a coarser grain to remove the top layer. With a finer grain size, the floor can then be smoothed.

Select the right wooden floorboard

A wooden floor should meet quality standards to ensure the highest possible longevity. In addition, a beautiful flooring has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the interior.
Factors for the selection of quality wooden floorboards are firstly the certified quality and secondly the proof of origin.
In addition, plan long-term and consider the selection of wooden floor boards also on the basis of the underground condition as well as the climatic conditions. After that, the laying process also depends. Great checklists and important basic knowledge can be found here.

Product Image: Yuriy Bartenev / Shutterstock