SOS accessories - online store in the test

SOS accessories - online store in the test: store

SOS accessories are not just a shop for spare parts. You would like to be a supplier of spare parts for Selbermacher and an online help at the same time.

In addition to a wide selection of home appliance parts, they offer help in selecting the required spare part and also practical tips for the upcoming repair.

As a home improvement test a shop?

When a shop is being tested, the safety of dealing with personal information, warranty processing, or secure payment is usually the focus. To exactly these points, it should go in our shop test but only secondary.

Our legal framework and data protection requirements should make it hard for any shop that does not stick to it to compete on the market today. In addition, SOS accessories carry the "Trusted Shop" seal and offer payments via Paypal. Both costs a shop a good share of its sales, but mainly offers only the customer security. From this it can be concluded that SOS accessories of his services are safe and guaranteed to the customer. This is regularly checked by the Trusted Shops GmbH, so that no further review should be necessary here.

Why are we still testing SOS accessories? Because they are more than a shop and especially interesting for home improvement and hobbyists. What makes SOS accessories so interesting becomes clear in the following test points.

First impression of the online shop

The eye not only eats, it also buys. An old-fashioned or confusing shop does not invite you to linger and shopping should finally be fun. Although for most users of SOS accessories is probably the forced search for spare parts.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: online

Screenshot of the homepage of

Not so with SOS accessories. The start page acts as an onepager very modern and clear. Nevertheless, important points, such as the search, device selection or special help of the shop are clearly visible.

As you scroll, the basic idea behind SOS accessories becomes apparent, which is not limited to spare parts sales. It provides assistance with troubleshooting and thus spare part determination and extensive installation instructions are offered.

Troubleshooting and ordering spare parts with SOS accessories

SOS accessories - online store in the test: store

Compared to the spare part, the signs of wear and deformation on the old spray arm are clearly visible.

SOS accessories promise that in four steps it will be possible to turn a defective household appliance into an intact one again. We will try that out with an example. Of course, everyone should be aware that such repairs have their limits, and limit themselves to the possibility to exchange a spare part. Nevertheless, the help should simplify exactly this.

For testing our already aged dishwasher is ready. Although there is no defect, but the spray arms are already a bit worn, which can negatively affect the wash result. We pretend we do not know that and face the problem of poor cleaning.

The spray arms in a dishwasher have small slanted nozzles. These ensure that the rinse water rinses the leftovers from the dishes with a higher pressure. The slanted position of the nozzles additionally allows the spray arms to rotate to really rinse any area. If the nozzles are worn because they may have been ground on the dishes, less rinsing pressure is achieved and the rotation slows down.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: online

1. Activate troubleshooting and 2. Select the device.

Step 1 - Determine the cause of the error

With one click we get to the troubleshooting and select as a device the "dishwasher." It opens a list of possible errors, which is quite manageable but at first glance actually covers the grossest errors.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: parts

3. Select a suitable problem.

"The dishwasher washes bad" seems to me to be quite appropriate.

In the next window, the possible causes are listed, which for the most part actually fit the problem, but are still too extensive. A further subdivision by means of a further inquiry would be desirable here.

For example, the mentioned possible causes could be subdivided into three categories, for example.

  • technical error
  • wrong dishes
  • missing or wrong cleaning additives

Anyone who has been observing the problem with badly cleaned dishes for a long time has certainly already been looking for rinse aid and regenerating salt and can rule out such things as a mistake.

It may also be useful to have a checklist that you can check off virtually and thus go through the possible causes. Alternatively, the page can be scrolled manually. Because all clickable error causes are described below. Here you have the opportunity to go through every point and rule out mistakes.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: parts

4. Click on the possible error or read below all.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: accessories

5. Read the description and select the spare part that may be required.

In the test case, this makes sense, because the existing error of the worn spray arm is unfortunately not listed.

If one goes through the list of possible causes, one automatically reaches the point of the clogged spray arms. When checking whether this could actually be the case, the worn nozzles will attract attention and can be identified as the cause. With one click you can now get into the shop, where new spray arms can be purchased.

Step 2 - Select the right spare part

SOS accessories - online store in the test: accessories

The exploded view of Bosch shows the exact part number for the selected device.

Many roads lead to Rome and many to the right spare part. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can already click on the spray or rinse arm on the start page under the selection: Washing & Drying / Dishwasher. Further sorting can then be done on the left under the manufacturer or above by entering the appropriate model.

However, these two filters are a bit misleading, as neither of them refers to the currently selected category. Neither a click on Bosch filters the spray arms by manufacturer, nor does the model selection cause the display of the spray arms for this model.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: store

Even if the spray arm has the same part number, it will not be listed under the model.

In both cases, the currently selected category is neglected and either all Bosch engine spare parts or all spare parts for the selected model are displayed. Unfortunately, better filtering is not possible.

If you use the link to the Bosch spare parts, you will unfortunately not find - there is the category "spray arms" not and the required spare parts are not displayed in any of the existing categories. Safer is the way over the model input. Although all matching spare parts are listed, but the two sides are quickly reviewed.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: online

The shopping cart can be edited at any time.

Step 3 - The Ordering Process

Like every shop, you also have a shopping cart with SOS accessories, which opens here in a strip as a side window, which I find very useful. So you can quickly take a look at it or remove something without leaving the current page in the shop.

If you have all the necessary spare parts together and go to the order, a registration is necessary - without it does not work unfortunately. Basically, that's not bad, because the delivery address has to be given anyway, but I do not think it's necessary to make the phone number a required field. Personally, I do not like to give my name.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: store

Sufficient payment options.

The registration offers some advantages, such as an overview of all orders, returns or credits. I find the possibility of registering his household appliances particularly interesting. Where else can you save the exact names? The dishwasher, for example, barely read the device number and was more or less advised. Once saved, the effort is unnecessary.

Unfortunately, the entry of your own home appliances is currently not working and the page hangs in a permanent waiting loop. It's a pity, but I hope that's still being worked on. Alternatively, however, the corresponding devices can be stored out of the spare part search.

delivery time

The delivery time is given between 4 and 7 working days and these were actually kept. The spare parts were ordered on 5.11.2018 at 12:20 pm and the delivery arrived on 12.11.2018. If you take off the weekend, 5 working days remain. That's ok but not perfect. Many shops now offer a 24-hour delivery and just for urgently needed spare parts, I think that makes sense. I would also like to pay 5 € more, if my dishwasher only one instead of four days fails. With a washing machine and two children in the household that would be even a compelling reason for the selection in which shop I order the urgent spare part. So here SOS accessories must necessarily improve. According to order information, two days passed before my order was processed and another until it was shipped. That is to long

Step 4 - Install the supplied spare part

After ordering and delivery of the spare part, it goes to the installation. Now, changing the spray arms is not that difficult, but we still want to see what SOS accessories can do to help. For this purpose, the fourth item "Install spare part is selected on the start page and it opens an overview... from which we do not get to the instructions.

We therefore use the way of ordering spare parts. At the end of the product description there is also a link with which you can actually get to the troubleshooting and repair instructions. The first overview of the dishwasher assistance shows 10 questions, but 30 can be found with a click on the topic. That is already a good selection and also our question "How do you replace the spray arms of a dishwasher?" can be found underneath.

The opening instructions may be evaluated at the end and I would like to anticipate that I have given this 5 stars. It's not just "Google friendly" bullet points - it's great written and contains a good illustration. You can not expect anything more and you should not forget that there are already more than 180 such instructions on SOS accessories and probably all have worked out similarly well.

Pictures of the change of the spray arms:

SOS accessories - online store in the test: store

1. The delivery is accompanied by a note with a quick guide.
2. The lower spray arm is only pulled up and can be replaced.
3. The upper one has to be unlocked at the rear part and can then be pushed away from behind.

The spray arms should be replaced at the same time the connection plate, which is enclosed with the upper spray arm. On the occasion you can also clean otherwise unattainable places.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: online

1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the metal strips from the nose levers and the spray channel from the rear sheet metal wall.
2. Then attach the screwdriver from the back of the spray channel and also loosen the small hooks.
3. Now the new nozzle plate can be clamped and then the spray channel can be pushed back into the holder.

Cost - Good and cheap

SOS accessories give a best price guarantee and would like to be the cheap supplier of spare parts. That sounds good and looks like a first comparison actually after. The upper spray arm of our dishwasher is offered for € 32.90 and with 31.68 € could only find a cheaper provider. Otherwise, the online prices reach utopian proportions of up to € 50.24. The lower spray arm looks similar and the prices range from one euro cheaper to 24 euro more. Including the shipping costs, which are omitted with SOS accessories from an order value of 39 €, you actually have the cheapest offer and must not claim the best price guarantee.

Conclusion to the test: online store SOS accessories the pros and cons

Mainly, we have reviewed the overall package of SOS accessories in the test and have dealt intensively with the online help, since the shop stands out clearly from others here.

SOS accessories - online store in the test: test

This package and the combination of shop and information portal is an ingenious and unique idea - at least to this extent. A very large supply of original spare parts is paired with a number of aids for troubleshooting and well-prepared installation instructions. The operation of the portal remains simple and intuitive.

An extensive offer but also offers a lot of error potential and unfortunately some small shortcomings were found. So the search filter did not work as desired. Although it is possible to filter by manufacturer or device model, both search filters can not be combined with the desired spare part. And the storage of your own home appliances (a great service by the way) does not work at every point.

Simple and absolutely safe, however, is the purchase and payment process. All data is transmitted encrypted and there is a sufficient range of payment options available.

The delivery and the ordering process can be tracked at any time, but takes place in only a moderate hurry. It is also a pity that no express or 24h delivery is available. For urgently needed spare parts, this results in a disadvantage compared to other providers. Since spare parts are often in a hurry, SOS accessories must give them a star.

  • 30 days right of withdrawal
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Secure payment with SSL
  • different payment options
  • No shipping costs from 39 € order value
  • clear page layout
  • good help for finding a product
  • extensive tips and installation instructions
  • Spare parts from the manufacturer or its suppliers
  • very reasonable prices (best price guarantee)
  • Fast support response
  • no 24h delivery
  • no filtering for spare part and manufacturer or device model possible
  • Entering home appliances in profile does not work

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