Impact sound insulation and vapor barrier for parquet

Impact sound insulation and vapor barrier for parquet: impact

Parquet creates one cozy living atmosphere and promotes a comfortable living environment, But as with the laying of laminate, parquet needs a footfall sound insulation, so as not to transmit running noise to the floor and other spaces.

No matter whether glued over the entire surface or floating - on the impact sound insulation should not be saved become.

A sufficiently sized footfall sound insulation balances also small bumps and prevents friction vom parquet on the subfloor.

Especially with one laid floor heating is on a special impact sound insulation to pay attention. It is intended to absorb the impact sound and to pass on the heat of the underfloor heating without loss to the parquet. Well suited are documents made of PE foam.

Underfloor heating and impact sound insulation

In compliance with corresponding specifications, is parquet for underfloor heating suitable. Crucial here is the use of the right components.

While in a laying without underfloor heating materials are used, which the Impact sound and also the heat dam, should be at one Underfloor heating a heat-permeable impact sound insulation be moved. PE foam offers the best compromise between soundproofing and heat permeability.

Vapor barrier / vapor barrier is always advisable

Impact sound insulation and vapor barrier for parquet: barrier

Parquet like Laminate should be protected against moisture become. This refers to liquids from above, but also to penetrating wetness from below. That's why laying parquet is always one Vapor barrier or vapor barrier required.

you prevents the penetration of rising damp in rooms over unheated areas or just in new buildings exuding residual moisture.

A vapor barrier is not a big investment, does not hurt and is not a huge amount of workbut can avoid major damage and costs. The question of whether it is necessary should therefore not arise.

Sound insulation and vapor barrier in one

Impact sound insulation and vapor barrier for parquet: insulation

Impact sound insulation with vapor barrier

Somewhat costly but faster to relocate are Combinations of footfall sound insulation and vapor barrier, These are available with thermal insulation and for floors with underfloor heating. Also their construction can differ in the height and quality.

It is important to carefully bond all joints in order to obtain a consistently dense surface. Likewise, the waterproof side should point upwards as it does so easier to stick and damage due to unevenness in the substrate locked out is.

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