Impact sound insulation comparison 2018

Purchase advice for impact sound insulation comparison or test 2018

If that Appearance of shoes on the floor even in the floor below clearly audible is, one speaks of the impact sound. This noise can be prevented (or at least mitigated) by a sound insulation under laminate, parquet or other floor coverings.

It is also required by law and can be incurred during conversions. Stiftung Warentest advises: Get along with the current familiar with building regulations. (However, she has not yet performed a footfall sound insulation test.)

Insulation underlays are available in different materials, designs and price ranges. We introduce you to the most important in our purchase advice. You will also get an overview of the technical terms so that you can find your way around the product guide at the head of the guidebook.

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: 2018

1. Materials

The peculiarities of the different insulating materials differ in some cases significantly. For the sake of clarity, we have listed the most popular short for you:

cork is a natural product, which is obtained from the bark of the cork oak. Above all, it is very resilient, which is why the cork impact sound insulation enjoys great popularity. The durability is high. And old cork (from footfall sound insulation, wine bottles and other) is recycled thanks to recycling.

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: comparison

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: comparison

corrugated board or Rippenpappe is a very favorable footfall sound insulation. You can save a lot here - but the material does not isolate very much. It is therefore recommended as impact sound insulation for underfloor heating systems (see also Chapter 4).
Foam sheet or foam fleece is still the most common insulation material. Like the cardboard, this plastic is very cheap to manufacture and therefore cheap to buy for the consumer. The insulation properties within this product category sometimes vary greatly.

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: impact

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: comparison

Also Styrofoam can be used as impact sound insulation. You will also find it under the somewhat cryptic term "EPS footfall sound insulation". Styrofoam can isolate heat very well, but shows significant weaknesses when damping impact sound.
Regardless of the material, any impact sound insulation under laminate, parquet and all other floors can be designed. You have the choice.

In some cases, the insulation is already part of the floor slabs. This can be, for example Laminate with impact sound insulation as finished product purchase. That sounds good at first, as it seems to save a step in laying.

However, these insulation on the laminate are often very thinso that almost no impact sound absorption takes place. You are also bound by the manufacturer's choice. The solution: Lay a layer of footfall sound insulation underneath the laminate floor.

2. Technical differences

There are six factors to consider, of which the first three are particularly important:

  1. Impact sound reduction
  2. vapor barrier
  3. Heat Durchlassung
  4. Process type
  5. Pressure stability
  6. thickness

Impact sound insulation is mandatory

Legislators have clear rules regarding impact protection. In modern buildings the noise must not exceed 48 decibels. Much more relaxed are the regulations for old buildings. Here you can also buy correspondingly low impact sound insulation - although it is another matter whether you make your neighbors happy with it.

The most important factor is the reduction of impact sound, The value indicates by how many decibels (dB) the sound reduces, which you cause by appearing on the ground. If the impact sound insulation is too weak, the impact sound insulation does not deserve its name. The following applies: big number = good insulation, We did not include very weak insulation in our impact sound insulation comparison in 2018.

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: 2018

For special applications, there is also special vapor barrier film.

Second, important aspect is the Vapor barrier. It indicates whether little water passes through the insulation, If you come across the term vapor barrier in this context, it means a perfect shield against water. This is not about whether spilled water seeps into the neighboring apartment below you, but, whether moisture penetrates from below and damages the expensive parquet floor.

It gets a little trickier Thermal resistance, given in the somewhat cryptic unit square meters times Kelvin by watts. We will make it short: Big number, strong isolation through the insulating underlay and good heat retention in the apartment.

A high thermal resistance is advantageous if you want to save heating costs and save the apartment from fast cooling down.

The system has a catastrophic effect if underfloor heating is installed. Because the insulation reinforcement is located between the heater and the laminate (or parquet or other flooring), it effectively keeps the heat of the heater from entering the living space. Here you need a footfall sound insulation with low thermal resistance (see chapter 4).

Format and stability

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: impact

Both impact sound insulation boards and foam film rolls can be cut very easily.

Insulation underlays are offered in two forms: as a roll and as a slab. They behave slightly differently during installation, but otherwise do not differ significantly. Select an insulation based on the other criteria.

The pressure stability tells you how much an insulation can be loaded. The vast majority of impact sound insulation can withstand several tonnes per square meter, so that any inventory can be parked on the ground without hesitation.

Actually a meaningful criterion and yet conscious of us last mentioned is the Thickness of the insulation, Whether the impact sound insulation is 2mm, 5mm or 10mm thick has Effects on heat and sound insulation, A thick footfall sound insulation basically better than a thin one - but exceptions accompany the rule. The precise data for insulation can be found in our table, so you do not guess by the thickness, what impact sound insulation does what.

3. Laying the insulation: also do it for home improvement

Before any impact sound insulation is laid on screed, it must be completely dry. After that, all crumbs and dust must be removed completely. These are otherwise major disruptive factors and cause the insulation to arch laminate and parquet upwards. Do not rely on the statement of some manufacturers, their product would easily compensate for such hillocks.

The impact sound insulation is not glued.

If the footfall sound insulation is to be laid under the screed instead of above, a special product is necessary.

Rolls or plates?

Two types of impact sound insulation have prevailed: Impact sound insulation panels and castors made of plastic, cork and other materials. Both types have advantages and disadvantages: The impact sound insulation board can easily break when laying and thus dust the rest of the surface. It must be handled with care. It can be quickly brought to the right size. The roll tends to bend back into its rolled form and must be flattened permanently.

Both types of insulation can be relocate relatively easily and without great tools, Even for talented amateurs, this task is easy to handle.

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: sound

4. Impact sound insulation and underfloor heating - conditionally compatible

Impact sound insulation comparison 2018: sound

Underfloor heating consists of pipes that carry hot water. Even some of the best impact sound insulation isolate too much and can not be used.

The order: Laminate, footfall sound insulation, screed remains basically the same when a floor heating system is installed. However, in this case you have to pay close attention to the fact that the Insulated with 4erstärkung for use under such a heating system is. As a rule, the manufacturers make an indication. In addition, the information can be found in the table at the beginning of the guidebook.

Dependent is that how high the thermal resistance of the impact sound insulation is, which can turn out quite different with test winner and cheap product. In short: The higher, the worse the underfloor heating, The generated heat can barely rise and heat your living room. Although some of the insulations are still compatible in principle, they still reduce the performance of this particular heater by a single one. In the end, you are just wasting energy. So look out for a footfall sound insulation with low resistance in the impact sound insulation comparison and consider the purchase of rather thin laminate if necessary.

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