The impact sound insulation in a staircase

Stairs are of particular importance in the subject of impact sound insulation: when walking, disturbing noises occur, as long as there is no good insulation. In this article you will learn how to optimally protect your staircase against impact sound.

Rubber usually helps noticeably

You do not have to start immediately with relatively expensive and expensive measures such as decoupling the stairs to achieve good sound insulation. Often simple impact sound insulation made of rubber or comparable materials, which are fastened to the individual stair steps, often help. Even if this type of insulation is already offered directly by many stair manufacturers, you have a selection of different conditions in the specialist trade, where you can compare prices and effect.

Decoupling: An effective solution

If cushions can not adequately contain the impact sound of a staircase, or if the building does not look completely insulating from the ground, the decoupling of the stairs from the rest of the structure will help to keep the sound from spreading over the ceilings and walls of the house. This is ensured by elastic sleeves or other systems that are mounted between the staircase and the wall and immediately "swallow" the impact sound of the stairs.

Before you decide to decouple, you should first try it with editions, since these are usually cheaper and cause less effort.

Plan the floorplan sensibly

When building a house, it will be decided how much the noise level through the stairs will be later: For semi-detached or semi-detached houses, you should take care not to place the stairs on the dividing wall between the residential units. However, if the construction of the stairs is not possible elsewhere, there is also a solution: The bivalve structure of the partition wall breaks the sound bridge between the residential units and the living comfort is high.

All of these measures require a smaller or larger investment, which pays off every day: By eliminating noise pollution, you can enjoy relaxed, healthy living. In addition, a good impact sound insulation increases the value of the house; So, if it comes up for sale, the investment is worth one more time.

Tips & Tricks

Try different editions to find the most effective one for your staircase. Because not every edition fits every staircase.

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