The impact sound insulation under the floor heating

A sound insulation is always required - even if you have a floor heating. In this article you will learn which material is suitable as insulation under a floor heating and why the heat protection is so important.

Not to forget: the heat protection

If you want to lay a footfall sound insulation under a floor heating, in addition to the insulation of impact sound and the insulation plays a crucial role: Both types of insulation help to keep the living comfort of your home to a high level. The following materials ensure that both requirements are met:

  • polystyrene
  • polyurethane
  • mineral fiber
  • Other materials, for example, special insulation of the supplier of underfloor heating

Of course, there are other materials that meet heat and impact sound equally. But other criteria, such as the flammability, are particularly important in underfloor heating.

Pay attention to heavy flammability

Since the underfloor heating produces heat during operation, the insulating material must be heat resistant and flame retardant. Polystyrene, for example, which complies with fire class B 1, is an excellent material for floors with underfloor heating. But even here, almost all available insulation materials are sufficiently protected against heat and at the same time ensure a high degree of longevity.

Let us advise you

In general, before deciding on a particular insulation material, it is important to get an overview of the offer - not just if you have underfloor heating. Usually a comprehensive advice in the specialized trade helps, with which you can explain the characteristics of your house to an expert; Together you will find the right solution.

But not only the insulation itself, but also the underfloor heating is important in this area: Modern systems are more efficient, usually heat less and therefore also protect the insulating material. The efficiency also saves energy costs. So if you own an old floor heating system and want to make your house a bit more modern, investing in a new facility is worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

In a prefabricated house, which does not isolate the impact sound as well as a solid construction, you should pay attention to a stronger footfall sound insulation - even with underfloor heating. Most insulation materials are available in different thicknesses; opted for a thick version to benefit from a high level of comfort.

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