Soundproof windows - prices and facts

The burden of noise is getting bigger today, especially in the big cities. Above all, a quiet sleep is hard to achieve without the appropriate measures. A very good measure is the installation of soundproof windows.

Reasons for soundproof windows

More and more airports are opening up new runways, the railways are expanding their route network, and motorways are being expanded. Soundproofing is already an indispensable means of finding a peaceful night's sleep in many homes.

That noise makes sick is now known. Unfortunately, the legislature is still under-taking to oblige companies to do something about the noise they cause. But even the state itself makes noise with the approval of highways and airports.

But one of the worst sources of noise is rail freight traffic. Since the changeover to the so-called whisper brakes on the wagons is still being postponed, homeowners near railroad tracks will probably have to do something themselves against the noise.

Prices for soundproof windows

If so, yes - we have chosen the highest sound insulation class available today. Otherwise, however, it is in each case a normal window with a plastic frame and a turn-tilt function.

This is a triple glazing with Ug 0,6 according to DIN 673 and noise protection class 5 to 45 dB. Should additionally a so-called warm edge be incorporated into the frame, this costs about ten euros extra.

Sound insulation for certain rooms

Soundproof windows are not needed for every room in the house. Especially the bedroom, the nursery and possibly the living room but should get the quiet windows. Bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms, which are often running noisy devices anyway, do not really need this expensive window type.

  • 1.00 x 1.00 meters 1 wing - 360.00 euros
  • 1,20 x 1,20 meters 1 wing - 485,00 Euro
  • 1,40 x 1,40 meter 1 wing - 610,00 Euro
  • 1,40 x 1,40 meter 2 wings - 770,00 Euro
  • 1,80 x 1,00 meters 2 wings - 700,00 Euro
  • 1,80 x 1,00 meters 3 wings - 890,00 Euro
  • 0.80 x 2.00 meters 1 wing - 540.00 euros

Tips & Tricks

Near railroad tracks, you may have to repeat the cost of soundproof windows from the railway. However, you should already consult a lawyer before purchasing.

The same is true of noisy factories and companies. They too can be required to help local residents with noise protection.

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