Quellmörtel Prices: What does the bag cost?

Swelling mortars are mainly used for filling cavities, but are also used in some other areas - this is due to their special properties. What price differences there are, and where to get Quellmörtel, read here.

Source mortar prices - marginal differences

  • when hardened, they do not contract, but expand slightly or strongly
  • they are fiber reinforced
  • they are always cementitious mortars

As with most other mortar types, there are often slightly different products that are not always exactly the same. The differences are generally not reflected in the price.

As a rule, the prices of most products are between around 0.80 EUR and 1 EUR per kg, the bag sizes vary between 10 kg and 25 kg.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • baustoffshop.de Online building materials trade with relatively extensive product range and good reputation in the online world.
  • Amazon also has a very large assortment, which is much larger than in most hardware stores. The prices are often interesting here.
  • bausep.de Bausep A tried and tested online building materials trade that offers not only a large number of products from virtually all areas but also good conditions and, above all, comprehensive product information.

That way you can save costs

More important than a price comparison is a look at the product features. Not all source mortars are in the end really well suited for any purpose. As a precaution, always get the advice of a specialist and follow his recommendations.

Tips & Tricks

For the introduction of the source mortar in cavities, it is best to use a mortar syringe. These devices can be expensive - if you can lend one, it's well worth it.

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