Swelling mortar: waterproofing and more

Swelling mortars have some special material properties that make them suitable for sealing, among other things. What else is to know about this special mortar, you can read here.

Source mortar: also a fast version is available

Swelling mortars have material properties that fundamentally differentiate them from other mortars.

  • when hardened, they do not contract, but expand
  • they are always fiber reinforced
  • they are always cement mortar

For example, swelling mortars may be used where cavities need to be sealed. The swelling mortar is sprayed into the cavity here and expands during curing until it fills the entire cavity. This then represents a non-positive backfilling.

Mortar syringes or mortar putties can be used to fill in cavities - however, these devices must always be suitable for swelling mortar, which is not always the case for every design.

In some cases, the product is also traded as a so-called non-shrinking backing mortar - but these are usually ordinary swelling mortars. However, individual products may have a different composition or slightly different properties.

Price wise is lying mortar consistently around the 0.80 EUR per kg, too large price differences, there is not really. The product range is not as extensive as with other types of mortar.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • hoba-baustoffe.com The online building materials trade enjoys a consistently good reputation on the Internet, above all because of the extensive information provided on individual products.
  • amazon.de In the Amazon hardware store, there is a huge range of products also on building materials - and often quite cheap special offers. However, you always have to pay a little attention to the delivery conditions.
  • bausep.de Bausep is an online building materials trader who not only provides a very clear user interface, but also a wealth of useful information and application descriptions for the individual products.

That way you can save costs

Price comparisons are worthwhile here rather rarely, you may have the opportunity to come to Remainders or special offers. Also, a look at eBay can sometimes be worthwhile. But always pay attention to minimum order quantities and delivery costs.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to the respective mortar class and mortar group - and for safety's sake, ask the specialist once again whether a mortar is actually suitable for a particular purpose.

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