Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside

Living without electrosmog and electromagnetic radiation

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: electrosmog

Again and again, individual scientists, but also renowned institutes, urgently warn against the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. TV, PC and mobile phone are standard equipment of German households. But not only our apartments are full of electrical appliances: mobile phone antennas, power lines and transmission towers characterize the cityscape.

Whether the electromagnetic fields emanating from these sources endanger health is controversial. The professional association of German construction biologists sees in electrosmog a "stress factor that can trigger sleep and concentration disorders as well as headaches and body aches".

There is also a suspicion that cancer is being promoted. Reliable studies that prove such health hazards, however, are no more than those that prove a health safety of the electromagnetic fields.

Radiation sources and radiation transmitters from the outside

The Institute for Building Biology + Ecology emphasizes that the effects of electrosmog are very individual. So there are "electrosensitive", which were very sensitive, while others could find no effect. Anyone who feels impaired by electrosmog or fears health risks has a number of ways to protect themselves effectively.

While the increasing radiation levels in our lives are undisputed, their impact on health is a matter of considerable controversy. Critics of excessive exposure warn of risks such as headache, fatigue, insomnia, but also depression, leukemia, Alzheimer's, tumors and heart disease.

Many people are insecure and wish at least for their home the least possible radiation. We'll explain what you need to look out for to protect your home from the inside and out.

Structural measures, which do not allow electromagnetic waves to pass through the walls, help against radiation exposure from outside. As a rule, the walls, roof, window and floor do not withstand electrosmog. This requires special devices in the form of building boards or shielding fabrics, which are installed in walls and roof.

If a loft conversion or a comprehensive modernization of the house shell, the use of laminated with special foils insulation mats in question, which can be grounded when mounting. These can also significantly reduce the load on mobile masts.

Radiation transmitter from outside:

  • High-voltage lines
  • TV and radio stations
  • mobile systems
  • radars
  • Transformer stations etc.

Weak point window

A high degree of shielding can be achieved in windows with modern thermal insulation glazing due to their noble metal vaporization.

However, the biggest weaknesses in shielding against electrosmog are windows when they are opened to ventilate (eg overnight). The company Neher has developed a close-meshed, metallic fly screen, which shields not only the protection against insects but also high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The fine, barely visible electro-smog screens act as an invisible shield against high-frequency electromagnetic fields. They let in a lot of light and air, but shield the electrosmog by more than 99% through the fine-meshed stainless steel sheathing of the fabric core.

If the window frames are also to be shielded, wood-aluminum composite frames are recommended. Windows with plastic frames form a "weak spot" even with the windows closed, as these frames offer only limited protection against high-frequency radiation.

While modern heat protection glass or special sun protection foils achieve good shielding, mobile radio beams pass through the plastic frame almost unhindered. A newly developed window profile, "GEALAN-REFLECT", contains an attenuation-effective plane, which in particular reduces high-frequency radiation.

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: radiation

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: shielding

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: shielding

For skylights, there are special windows with shielding electrosmog protection: The insulating glazing of the low-energy skylight is coated with precious metals that reflect over 99 percent of the electromagnetic waves.

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: sources

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: radiation

Facades with shielding

Properly installed, the façade insulation system with STO shielding fabric "AES" reduces the radiation load in the building by more than 99 percent.

The shielding fabric is inserted into a filler or the flush-mounted thermal insulation composite system. Overlapping the individual webs ensures the conductivity of the system over the entire area. A specialist electrician is responsible for the earthing connection.

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: radiation

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: electrosmog

  1. Shock-absorbing fabric AES
  2. ground wire
  3. Ground connection (must be carried out by a specialist electrician)
  4. insulation
  5. Shielding layer - here the shielding fabric is embedded
  6. Top coat (eg top coat)

Alternative building materials

Almost all conventional finishing materials already have alternatives with a dampening and shielding effect. Some examples:

  • Plasterboard with carbon fibers
  • Clay plaster with carbon fibers
  • Aluminum roller shutter
  • Polyamide nonwovens with copper coating
  • Glass silk shielding fabric
  • Fine mesh copper fabric
  • Thermal insulation systems with integrated shielding foil

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: sources

Green roofs and clay buildings offer effective protection against electromagnetic waves, such as those emitted by mobile radio transmitters.

The building construction company Baufritz installs all-round protection in its full-value houses with a special protective layer for shielding high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and low-frequency alternating electric fields from outside the house.

This "Xund E" - protective layer of natural gypsum boards with a special carbon pollination acts like an inner protective cover in the house. The protective plate reduces the stress caused by technical radiation and fields by up to 99 percent.

Radiation exposure within the house

The greater burden of electrosmog and radiation is usually homemade. In order to achieve low radiation within the house, it is the easiest to switch off as many devices as possible. Since low-frequency fields form around individual power cables, the plug must also be pulled or worked with shielded electric cables.

Building biologists warn except in front of the ubiquitous cell phone especially before cordless DECT phones. But also devices such as transformers of halogen lights or electric blankets generate strong fields. The simplest and most important protective measure: keep your distance. With double distance the field strength decreases to a quarter. This also means, for example: The mobile phone as an alarm clock has nothing to look for on the bedside table. In bedroom and children's rooms, the electrical installations should always be limited to the bare essentials. Also useful are turn-off sockets and power switch in the fuse box, which automatically shut off the power when no power is consumed. A case for the health-conscious interior designer is the special coated shielding wallpaper: Here, however, earthing is mandatory.

Radiation transmitter inside the house:

  • Cell phones and cordless phones
  • Lighting, TV, monitors
  • Microwave, electric stove
  • Sockets, power cables
  • cable
  • Etc.

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: sources

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: electrosmog

Radiation sources and electrosmog from outside and inside: radiation

In the course of major renovations you can use alternative building materials and possibly renew the electrical installation with shielded plugs, sockets and distributors.

Alternating electric fields exist as long as lines or devices are connected to the grid, even if no power is consumed. The mains circuit breaker helps against both: it lowers the voltage to a minimum (standby voltage) and only raises it again when a device is switched on at the relevant circuit. If, for example, devices with a transformer are connected that would generate a magnetic field around the clock, this will be prevented by the mains switch.

For drywall, there are gypsum boards with electrically conductive plate backs, which contain carbon fibers in the outer layer of the back side carton. The protective plates are electrically connected to each other via the metal substructure.

Such a gypsum board is "Knauf LaVita" and performs as Wandbeplankung within a building to reduce the waves of TVs, monitors and transmitters cordless phones to protect z. B. Children or bedroom or building closure walls of terraced houses.

"Knauf LaVita" protective slabs as external wall cladding cause a very strong reduction of external waves such as mobile radio, radar, directional and radio transmission, CB radio, satellite and TV channels.

In the face of increasing electrosmog, neither panic nor ignorance helps. The only thing left to the individual is to have a measurement carried out by experts in case of doubt.

One finds them over the consumer centers of the countries or over Internet sides like ohne-elektrosmogwohnen.de.

The latter is an information platform with many facts and clearly arranged knowledge about the topic of "electrosmog", with references to experts and possible protective measures.

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