Radiant heater comparison 2018

Purchase advice for radiant heater comparison or test 2018

  • A radiant heater is a practical and versatile heater that is used outdoors in particular.
  • Especially recommended is the choice of a radiant heater with infrared technology, as these radiators do not unnecessarily heat the ambient air and thus work very efficiently. Most effective are infrared radiant heaters with short-wave radiation.
  • Radiant heaters have a very high energy consumption. Keep this in mind before buying such a device. In gastronomy, the use of radiant heaters in many major German cities since 2008 is prohibited.

Radiant heater comparison 2018: heater

We know him from the outdoor areas of cafés in autumn and winter or even from the Christmas market: the radiant heater. Here, the mobile heat donors ensure that guests can enjoy their drinks despite the cold temperatures. However that is Setting up the heaters since 2008 in many areas of Germany for the gastronomy prohibited.

But more and more people are getting a radiant heater for their home terrace, Here, the device donates cozy warmth, even if the temperatures are no longer summery.

But also in the interior, the devices can be used. Radiant heaters for indoor can z. B. used to heat the baby changing table. You can also use a radiant heater in the bathroom.

How the current law is, what you should keep in mind, if you want to buy a radiant heater, find out in our buying guide. You will see the best radiant heaters in our radiant heater comparison 2018. Here is certainly the right thing for you!

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1. Radiant heater: Infrared technology has the lowest heat loss

A radiant heater (also called patio heater or patio heater) is a heater that donates cozy, selective heat and is used outdoors in particular. Radiant heaters are divided into the categories of gas radiant heaters, electric radiant heaters and heated mushrooms.

Radiant heater comparison 2018: comparison

With a radiant heater, you can still enjoy your terrace at cooler temperatures.

Whether you opt for a heater with gas or electric operation: A heating via infrared is to be preferred, since here the least heat loss takes place, About a heating coil is usually heated by infrared radiation of the object or body to be heated. In contrast to fan heaters or fan heaters, these do not heat the ambient air and are therefore more efficient.

However, no miracles are to be expected from the best radiant heater. A switched on radiant heater can increase the perceived heat by about 5 to a maximum of 8 degrees. Ideal is a radiant heater for the transitional periods in autumn and spring.

2. Purchase criteria for radiant heaters: You must pay attention to this

2.1. Heating power and heating levels

The higher the heat output of a spotlight, the larger the area that can be heated. How many radiant heater tests show is for a small seating group up to 6 people a power of about 2,000 watts is sufficient.

The following table shows you Calculation example on the topic of electricity consumption for an electric radiant heater with a consumption of 2 kWh of electricity or a gas burner with a consumption of 1 kg of gas per hour:

Infrared heatersGas heaters
Power / consumption per hour2 kWh of electricity1 kg of gas
Electricity price / price Gas bottle with 11 kg€ 0.29 / kWh14,90 €
Price per 1 hour operation0,58 €1,36 €
Price per 6 hours of operation3,48 €8,16 €
Price per week at 6 hours
Operation per day:
24,36 €57,12 €
Price per month (4 weeks) at 6 hoursOperation per day:97,44 €228,48 €

The bill shows that the Operation of a gas heater costs more than twice an electric radiant heater, However, the heat output of gas radiators is also generally stronger.

Tip: Electric heaters usually have three or four heating levels. A separately switchable oscillation function allows heat distribution throughout the room for some devices.

2.2. Gas or electric operation: gas heaters consume a great deal of energy

In our overview you can see the Properties of gas and electric operation and their advantages and disadvantages.

power supplyparticularities

Radiant heater comparison 2018: heater

In a radiant heater with gas operation commercial propane or butane gas is used. This type has a particularly large heating radius.Almost all heated mushrooms therefore work with gas. Unfortunately, these heaters have a very large energy consumption.

Heating power strong
not dependent on power source

high weight
high heat loss
Environmental impact very high

suitable for: uncovered terrace


Radiant heater comparison 2018: comparison

Electric heaters usually work with infrared technology. The Advantage of infrared radiation is that there is a very low heat lossbecause the infrared radiation directly heats items such as a changing table or the body to be heated and not the ambient air.

relatively easy
Heat loss low
Environmental impact less high

Heating power lower
Power connection needed

suitable for: inner space

2.3. Type and size: Selection depending on the planned location

Radiant heater: Stiftung Warentest advises against the use of

A radiant heater test or a test winner for radiant heaters is not yet available from Stiftung Warentest.The Stiftung Warentest recommends However, in a message from the issue of the magazine Test 03/2010, to refrain entirely from the use of radiant heaters.

The Emissions are just too high and the devices too inefficient, So you could heat with the same amount of gas, an interior six times longer than the outer surface, with the electricity consumed in an electric heater even seven times longer.

Radiant heaters come in many different forms. There are stationary radiant heaters that you can place directly on the floor, but also those that can be mounted on a wall.

Especially Practical are devices that are height adjustableso that you can adapt them to the respective circumstances. Some models also have a tiltable head, which allows you to vary the orientation of the heat radiation.

Which form of radiant heater you should choose depends on where you want to use it. So can a rather small and easily transportable spotlights on the way, z. B. when camping, be practical.

So there are small portable models that have compact dimensions of about 30 x 40 cm and weigh less than 3 kg. Some models also have transport wheelswith which they can also be transported easier.

If your radiant heater is more likely to be in a certain place, it is best to choose a stable and rather heavy spotlight. Standing radiant heaters and heated mushrooms can have a height of 170 to 220 cm and weigh up to 15 kg - bad for frequent transport, but very good, so as not to be blown by the wind.

2.4. Safety: Pay attention to contact protection

Radiant heater comparison 2018: radiant

Without the appropriate equipment, a radiant heater can pose a security risk.

Also important is a contact protectionFor example, a protective grid for the heating element to limit the risk of burns and prevent surrounding objects from catching fire. On Spray water protection protects the device against moisture, for example, in a light rain.

A Automatic switch-off is particularly important for radiant heaters for the changing table, This avoids that the changing table heats up too much.

The best radiant heater is awarded a seal of approval from a well-known institute such as TÜV or GS. Above all, lines and valves should be checked so that no dangerous breakdowns occur.

2.5. Type of radiation: Shortwave infrared radiation has the highest efficiency

Relatively favorable are infrared radiant heaters with short-wave radiation. Here one Overview of the different infrared emitters and their efficiency:

TyperadiationAmbient air is heatedefficiency
Halogen-quartz lampsshort to medium wave
especially efficient
up to 92%
Carbon emittersmedium wave
less efficient

40 - 60%

Quartz radiatorsmedium to long wave
less efficient
40 - 60%
Ceramic lamps / metal tube emitterslongwave
less efficient

Tip: We recommend a device with short- to medium-wave infrared radiation, as they achieve the best heating with the lowest heat loss.

Radiant heater comparison 2018: radiant

3. Terms of use: You should pay attention to this when using a radiant heater

The following should be noted when using radiant heaters:

Radiant heater comparison 2018: heater

Not only people are happy about the heat of a radiant heater.
  • Be sure to keep the radiant heater away from flammable objects, such as. Awnings on the terrace.
  • The Gas bottle of gas radiant heaters must be turned off after useso that it does not come to burns.
  • Do not build the device unauthorizedbecause it could lead to errors.
  • Observe the manufacturer's instructions and read and follow the instructions for use attentively.

The use of gas radiators has been banned in some areas of Germany for the 2008 gastronomic area. This is especially true in big cities, u. A. for the cities of Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg.

Radiant heater comparison 2018: radiant

Nice and warm, but too expensive for the environment and your wallet: the radiant heater.

Even if this is annoying for the first time, this measure is justified. Considering that a single radiant heater with a consumption of 8,000 watts and an operating time of 40 hours per week produces 9600 tons of CO² emissions for 30 weeks, you can only expect unbelievably high values ​​for a medium-sized city.

In the private sector, the heat sources are still allowed. Here you have to weigh yourself how important environmental protection is for you and which amount of electricity or gas costs is acceptable to you. In any case, you should be aware of the high emissions of these devices.

Gas heaters should not be run continuously. If you want to use the heater only for a special occasion such as a garden party, there is also the possibility to borrow a heater.

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