Spaceships are made of paper

Crafting instructions and printing templates for spaceships made of paper

Spaceships are made of paper: instructions

Who does not know the TV series and movies about Captain James Tiberius Kirk or Luke Skywalker? In these science-fiction worlds you not only experience thrilling adventures, but also have the privilege of flying impressive spaceships and space gliders.

Not so big, but no less impressive are models made of paper.

Whether a Borg cube from Star Trek or the freighter from Futurama, below you will find a selection of crafting instructions and artwork. Spaceships made of paper - not just for science fiction fans a real crafting fun.

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Paper spaceships fold and tinker: instructions

USS Prometheus NX-59650 [PDF]

From the science fiction series Star Trek. Professional Bastelanleitung.

Borg cube [PDF]

Folding instructions for a Borg cube. The template can be downloaded and printed.

Build airship [PDF]

Making a dirigible of paper according to the idea of ​​Leondardo da Vinci.

Planet Express Ship: Futurama

Delivery spaceship from the Futurama comic series with colored craft bow [pdf]
at Papercraft & Origami Database

Solar System Exploration

Satellite Paper Versions Many models for crafting
at NASA Kids

Model: Space Shuttle

Paper planes fly almost to space
at Amazing Paper Airplanes

Babylon 5 spaceships

Star Wars Battledriod collection for crafting
in DPileggi's Picks

Rocket Ship from a Tube

Paper rocket made of toilet paper roll and construction paper: crafting instructions
at Enchanted Learning

Bird of Prey D-12 [PDF]

Klingon spaceship in the typical bird of prey shape
fold on paper

Firefly-class Serenity transporter

Captain Malcolm Reynolds Ship is not suitable for beginners
at Planet Starfreak

Utility Dropship 12 ChickenHawk

Various craft sheets [pdf] to download or print
at topo solitario

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