Spatulas - the tools

For filling a lot of different tools. With the simple gypsum spatula alone you will hardly find the Auslangen. Which types of tools are used or can be used for filling is summarized in this article.

tool Group

Basically, three large groups of tools belong to the filling:

  • Fillers (in different versions)
  • Trowels and tufts
  • Machines (leveling machines for drywall, airless equipment, etc.)

Filling cracks and holes

This is the classic application for plasterers and painters. They are available in different shapes and sizes. The classic plaster spatula is triangular in shape and has a handle at the narrower end.

Alternatively, however, a Japan spatula can be used to fill larger cracks and holes.

Cat tongues are very narrow spatulas used for hard-to-reach areas and for corners and edges.

area filling

If larger surfaces are to be filled, or a wall is to be completely covered with filler, surface spatulas are used.

Similar to the plastering, the filler is first applied with a trowel or a suitable trowel and then smoothed off with a surface trowel.

Alternatively it can also be smoothed directly with the trowel (smoothing trowel).

Application of thin-bed adhesive with the toothed spatula

Thin-bed adhesives and tile adhesives are applied with toothed spatulas. Here, the wall must not be smoothed afterwards. The notched trowel ensures a uniformly thick application on the wall, similar to the filling of walls.


These special spatula shapes are only needed in the stucco area. But they can still be useful for forming individual areas. They resemble ordinary spatulas, but have a raised or domed shape at the far edge.

Joint trowel and joint filler

For tiling stones, joint trowels and joint fillers are used. They are used to squeeze putties (grout) in the joints and smooth. Their use requires some skill and practice.


They are usually triangular and have an elevated handle. As a rule, they are used more frequently for plastering than for filling, but due to their shape they can also be used well to model corners and edges.

Airless equipment

In order to process spray filler, airless devices are particularly well suited. With them, the filler can be applied in a particularly thin layer on the wall. It is then removed only with a peel strip or a particularly large surface spatula.

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