Special tools and mounting material - the roofer accessories

The extensive activities of a roofer require a well-thought-out set of work materials and tools. In addition to covering or covering the roof, sealing, cladding, insulation, roof window and hatch mounting, lightning conductors, solar systems and gutters are also part of the requirements profile.

Preparation on the belt

In roofing works the way factor plays a significant role. In order to achieve an optimized work performance, the equipment of the craftsman with the appropriate roofer accessories is a basic work preparation.

The roofing accessories include the special tool required for the respective work step. Usually roofers wear a leather belt or a belt around their hips, in which the tool is hooked in handy.

Special tools and mounting material - the roofer accessories: mounting

In addition, the roofing accessories are supplemented with building materials, which, depending on size and weight, are also worn on the body or made available in a well-accessible location before work commences.

Possible accessories

  • Mounting clamps, screws, dowels and rods for fixing lightning conductors, gutters, cladding and windows.
  • Tacker clips and adhesive for fixing and fixing insulation such as roof sheeting.
  • If necessary, construction foam for filling and filling cavities, slits, gaps or holes in the roof structure.
  • Gas cartridge for operating a soldering iron, a hot air gun or a hand burner.
  • Special supports for satellite dishes, solar modules and other installations on the roof.
  • Nail assortment for rafters, foil fixing and other attachment tasks when roofing the roof.
  • For the tool housing a special belt or paddock with sturdy lock, loop pockets and hammer chain.
  • Depending on the roof shape and construction situation, the roofer can secure the rope, which can range from a simple guy rope to an alpine carabiner construction.
  • Work gloves and reserve pair to protect the hands and fingers from passing along the edges of the tiles or shingles.

Calculation bases

  • On the specialized portals dakl-shop.de, steinbrock.com and dachdecker-shop.eu the basic equipment is available for tools for three to five hundred euros.
  • The cost of the complete roofing accessories next to the special tool vary depending on the work involved. For the equipment, which covers all accruing work, must be calculated from five hundred euros, with individual items such as a tile cutter alone can cost so much alone.

Tips & Tricks

The roofer accessories must always be at hand, as moving and working on tall and steep roof structures, which at the beginning consist only of beams and rafters, are thus decisively less demanding.

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