Special wallpaper made of different materials for different purposes

Anyone who wants to repaint his own four walls and buy wallpapers for them faces a challenge - which wallpaper is the best and where can you buy it? Many hobby handyman are initially overwhelmed because of the large selection, a flat-rate answer to the question, however, there is not. Rather, the choice when buying wallpaper should be linked to given factors. The nature of the wall and the future visual design of the room play a major role.

Different types of wallpapers

Special wallpaper made of different materials for different purposes: different

Photo wallpaper for the right effect

When buying wallpaper, the craftsman or homeowner is spoiled for choice. Raufasertapeten, non-woven wallpapers, paper wallpapers, wallpaper made of plastic and, for some time, photo wallpapers that can be used to conjure up idyllic scenarios in your own four walls are available. B. Sandy beaches with turquoise sea in the background.

For the attachment, this does not matter, wallpaper paste is always needed. However, the different species differ in their product properties, which is why not every wallpaper is suitable for every room. If new wallpapers for the nursery are to be purchased by occasionally romping around, it is z. For example, it is important that the wallpaper be resistant and shock resistant.

Washable wallpapers, on the other hand, are suitable in rooms that occasionally get spattered (in the kitchen when cooking, in the hobby room when crafting or painting, etc.).

The optics makes the music

The beauty of wallpapering is: you can influence the room look by using the wallpaper. Bright wallpapers make small rooms look bigger. Diagonal patterns or strokes, however, make large spaces smaller. The height can also be changed optically - if for high rooms wallpapers are used, which do not go all the way to the ceiling. The room then looks lower. This technique is recommended for old-style apartments whose inhabitants can not make friends with high ceilings.

In general, however, care should be taken that the wallpaper has a RAL quality mark. Then the buyer can assume that it is solid and healthy quality harmless.

Buy wallpaper - online or in stores?

Special wallpaper made of different materials for different purposes: wallpaper

With wallpaper to the right color

Of course you will find it fast on the internet today. For example, you can easily buy wallpapers online in the wallpaper shop of Style-Your-Castle.de. The ordering process is convenient and requires little effort. If you want to be sure that the wallpaper you want looks as it may have been shown on pictures, you should take the precaution of making the selection on the spot as a precaution. There, substances can be compared and touched. The haptic does not offer the net - but nevertheless large selection in various online shops. Anyone who considers the tips mentioned above, will not regret his purchase, no matter which path was chosen.

Through the effect of light and shadow, these wallpapers receive a spatial effect additional plasticity, This can be effectively underlined by matching wall colors (e.g., metallic shiny colors on metal structure). Embossed structural patterns, however, are increasingly found in the more modern non-woven wallpapers.

Production and properties

In duplex embossed wallpaper (Duplextapeten) two thicker paper webs are simultaneously glued together, laminated and embossed in a still moist state with embossing rollers under high pressure relief. The negative image of the embossing can be seen on the back of the wallpaper. These wallpapers can weigh from 200 to 220 g per m2. at proper wallpapering the sturdy embossed structure on the wall remains fully intact.

Wallpapers for special applications and effects

Depending on the taste, spatial conditions and the desired effect, a very specific wallpaper can be the right one design element his. Textured wallpapers, such as embossed wallpapers or profile wallpapers, create a three-dimensional effect that can be effective in large rooms, but also used as an accent in individual strips or on individual walls.

The latter also applies to photo wallpapers that look good on single walls as a kind of "window" or on doors can be an eye-catcher.

textile wall coverings have a surface of vegetable or animal fibers that are fluffy spun or textured on a paper base. They combine a pleasant surface with Building physics advantages.

A special form is the velor wallpaper, Natural wallpapers are made of grass, bamboo or cork, are a bit more difficult to paper, but reward with an unusual look. Other variants in our overview are Shielding wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, metal and Gas fiber.

Special wallpaper made of different materials for different purposes: special

Fiberglass wallpaper is particularly hard-wearing.

This high-quality (and also high-priced) wallcovering consists of a glass fabric with non-slip fibers and a smooth surface. The low absorbency of the fabric allows processing with low glue and ink consumption. normal Glass wallpapers are processed as textile structural material by embedding bonding, so they are not connected to any substrate. Likewise, there are glass fabric wallpapers with self-adhesive equipment, which saves the embedding bond.

The final adhesive adhesion is by a Emulsion paints coating reached. Another product variant are glass fabrics on creped paper backing, which can be processed like textile wallpaper with special glue and are dry peelable. Glass fabric wallpapers are offered by most manufacturers in complete systems. These include the fabric on rolls, the adhesive for embedding and intermediate coating and colors of different stress groups. The colors can be used for the final coating with Volltonabtönfarben or with Tinting be tinted. For processing security, it may be advantageous to obtain all system components from a manufacturer. For more information about glass fabric wallpaper you should ask the manufacturers.

Textured pattern and embossed wallpaper

Textured wallpapers are wallpapers with a noticeable surface structure. In this case, the pattern can be embossed in the paper of the wallpaper, then called it also as paper embossed wallpaper. In other cases, the structure is created by the application of PVC foam. These PVC wallpaper are usually referred to as structured profile wallpaper. However, PVC wallpapers are getting more and more out of fashion because of the potential pollution.

Paper embossed wallpaper or profile wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper are paper wallpapers that have been given an additional relief-like pattern by embossing. Further designations for this type of wallpaper are embossed wallpaper, duplicate embossed wallpaper or duplex embossed wallpaper. In the profile wallpaper - a variant of the plastic wallpaper - however, the surface is structured over the entire surface by foamable color paste, so that a spatial depth effect is created. Profile wallpapers are also commercially available under the name Relief wallpaper. Popular structural patterns of embossed wallpapers are braided patterns, plaster structures, bubbles or checker plate structures.

By foamable color pastes, the surface can be shaped in relief, so that the light and shadow effect patterns and structures gain a spatial dimension. There are two variants: Structure profile wallpapers are completely structured, e.g. in plaster or fabric look. They look alive in detail, but convey a calm overall impression. Decorative profile wallpapers are characterized by partially raised pattern or contour drawings. Filigree motifs such as grasses, flowers, trees or hatching can be highlighted in this way. The designs are more succinct and valuable. Textiles and films can also be profiled.

Special wallpaper made of different materials for different purposes: wallpaper

Combination of photo and ornaments.

The photo wallpaper is back!

- Although she never really disappeared. By the individual possibilities This wall design, you can conjure in your own four walls a whole new atmosphere.

Already in the seventies photo wallpapers were the last craze and a must in German apartments. Especially Beach and palm motifs were very popular. And today? The photo wallpaper has been fighting for a few years, the way back into the modern living experience and promises a wide range of innovation. Thanks to various providers, it is possible to have wallpapers printed with any motif. The special feature: You can order your wallpapers with centimeter precision in the desired format.

The classic photo wallpaper the eighties was the Caribbean beach. The motif has not disappeared, but the selection is now much larger. For example, the standard motif birch forest, Tuscany landscape, skyline of New York (with a still intact World Trade Center) or green bamboo poles are also motifs with abstract compositions, naive painting and surrealistic representations. Or photos that also contain drawn elements and thus represent an artistic "mix". Thus, current interpretations with the "good old" photo wallpaper have only the huge picture format in common, they are actually art á la pop art on the wall. This type of wallpaper can usually be found in the hardware store or in the wallpaper specialist market, but the holiday beach on the wall can cost as much as a short package holiday. While the classic Maldives beach in a measure of approx 2.50 meters x 3.72 meters already around the 80 euro is to have, rarer motives - from collections of better-known photographers or the like - in a comparable measure before the 500 euro, Commercially available photo wallpapers are suitable for area illustrations in living rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, restaurants, discotheques, conference rooms, medical practices, etc.

Often the items of the wallpaper in the Flachsiebverfahren or im Offset printing process manufactured. The delivery takes place in several parts on rolls or sheets. These wallpapers offered in the form of wallpaper webs are assembled to a specific motif. To put a photo wallpaper on the wall so that the motive fits exactly, requires a lot of skill and in case of doubt you should leave such work to a professional. Caution with the wallpaper paste: If too much solvent is included, the subject may be damaged. Recently, in addition to the few providers of standard motifs, there are also special providers who print wallpapers with individual photo motifs as desired.

The carrier material for the photo wallpaper is usually an easy to process fleece. Simply let the most beautiful picture from the last holiday as a photo wallpaper print: Cleverly placed you can simulate the seamless transition to paradise on your doorstep with a photo wallpaper. Beautiful details can also be set to details of a photo: individual blades of grass in the meadow are focused. The imagination knows no limits: the romantic waterfall, the colorful lighthouse or your own child with the shell in hand on the beach, everything can be realized. Especially motives with people are currently popular: as a poster in over 150 different formats and materials, on canvas or foam board, even with a lightbox can be brought out great.

Wall Prints

Also on offer and as an alternative to the photo wallpaper there are now "Wall Prints ", They are made of self-adhesive film in one piece, z. B. 180 cm x 90 cm or with individual dimensions. They can usually be applied to any smooth, dust- and silicone-free surface.

wall murals

Special forms of the classic motivational photo wallpaper are wall murals: These are giant posters that can be glued to doors or correspond exactly to the dimensions of a standard interior door with 92 cm x 220 cm. The most popular were the door murals in the seventies and eighties. Door wallpapers are wallpapered: Remove the door handle, grind the door and paste, paste wallpaper and finally mount the door handle again.

wall decals

Instead of a whole wallpaper, there is also the possibility to decorate your own walls with details and to set interesting but discreet accents: Wall tattoo or wall stickers are easy to apply to the walls, with a wall with or without wallpaper as a background is possible. Especially practical: this one vinyl stickers can also be removed easily - if you do not like it or move it is very tenant-friendly. Here you will find more information about Wandtattoo.

Photos on the tile mirror of the kitchen

Even in the kitchen, photos are becoming increasingly popular as a motif. Modern design replaces unsightly tile mirrors in the kitchen with a 10 mm thick acrylic glass with corresponding favorite motifs. The new plate is simply applied to the old tiles and sealed the joints with silicone. Without dirt, with little skill and time-unimportant effort, every user is capable of doing so. The costs depend on the size and are approx. 150 euros.

textile wallpaper

Special wallpaper made of different materials for different purposes: different

This term is a generic term for a large group of diverse wallcoverings, whose common feature is that the side facing the room is a textile material.

Production and properties

Textile wallpaper surface materials are fiber materials derived from plants, animals or chemical synthetic fibers, which may be coarse or fine, smooth or curled. They either possess their natural expression or are through Dyeing, texturing and aftertreatment been changed. It can be laminated individual threads of cotton, linen, wool, rayon, rayon in natural color or lightfast coloring of different strengths in smooth or fluffy spun on the wallpaper paper. For textile wallpapers, on the other hand, a textile composite of warp and weft threads is first produced in a loom and then laminated. For wallpaper fabrics are high quality Jute, linen, cotton, silk, rayon fibers or paper suitable. Textile wallpapers are further characterized by a warm water surface, a pleasant handle, a slight thermal insulation effect, an improvement in room acoustics through sound absorption, a low tendency to fouling and a timeless design. On the wall warp thread wallpaper usually appear as a closed surface, as seams are barely visible.

Velor wallpaper

A special form of textile wallpaper is the velor wallpaper. On heavy, adhesive-coated paper, textile fibers (e.g., silk or wool) are flocked in an electrostatic process during manufacture. This creates the typical velvety surface, which is usually patterned classical or heraldic. Other names for the velor wallpaper are velvet wallpaper or Sammet wallpaper.

Nature wallpapers

Wallpapers made of natural materials

At (mainly handmade) Natural material wallpaper the more or less structured surface is formed by laminated natural products. The designs are influenced by the interplay of the colored base paper and the differently densely arranged natural materials and their structures. Typical representatives of this type of wallpaper are grass or natural cork wallpaper. The grass wallpaper (Japan grass, Korea grass) consists of dried, processed Arrowroot fibers in natural or dyed, which were processed into fabrics and then on Rice Paper are laminated. Hemp wallpapers have a larger structure. Natural cork wallpapers consist of extremely thin, different sized and arranged cork leaves, which are glued to a backing paper or inserted into a colored varnish. Cork wallpapers are lightfast, insensitive, robust and cleanable.

grass wallpaper

Grass wallpapers are also called Grass fiber wallpaper or Japan-grass wallpapers designated. These natural wallpapers consist of textiles woven grass fibers or Schilfffasern, mostly from the Far East, which are then laminated on rice straw paper. The grass wallpaper is very delicate and therefore difficult to paper and care for.

Bamboo wallpaper and reed tube wallpaper

Closely related to the grass wallpaper are the bamboo wallpaper or the reed pipe wallpaper. Since the bamboo is regarded as typical of Asia, this wallpaper variety is colloquially often referred to as China wallpaper or Japanese wallpaper. wallpaper bamboo usually consist of cut bamboo on grass background. In rarer cases one finds also braided Bamboo wallpapers.

cork wallpaper

The cork wallpaper consists of thinly peeled cork oak bark laminated on paper webs or sheets. Adhesion of the cork flakes on the paper web or the boards with synthetic resins may cause pollution, therefore cork wallpapers that have been bonded with their own resins should be preferred. Cork wallpapers are useful as wallpaper for damp rooms, such as suitable for the bathroom, as they are to some extent water repellent and easy to clean.

Plastic wall coverings

Plastic wallpapers come in many different variations.They have come in the last few years - especially because of health concerns - something out of fashion. However, in the modern form of non-woven wallpaper (see there) they have experienced a comeback. Here we introduce the traditional Plastic wallpaper made of vinyl or PVC in front.

Vinyl wallpaper (smooth vinyl)

Vinyl wallpapers have one firmly bonded, vinyl-coated backing paper, The vinyl front is printed, smooth or embossed. They are very hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and are mainly used in the kitchen, bathroom, floorboards and staircase area. Vinyl wallpapers are cleavable dry peelable. Vinyl wallpapers with a RAL quality mark are guaranteed to be harmless to health.

Structure profile wallpaper made of PVC

When using plastic, relief-like designs are created in plastic effect during production. Three-dimensional patterns or structures are foamed on the basis of PVC or other polymeric material. At the beginning there were foamed plastic wallcoverings only in lighter shades, today's Strukturvinyltapeten are also offered with only partially expanded colors in the pattern and with inlaid quartz elements. However, the textured profile wallpaper is now also available without PVC. These PVC-free textured profile wallpaper For the sake of the environment, they are printed on chlorine-free bleached paper and are completely free from PVC, plasticizers, chlorine, formaldehyde and CFCs, Instead, the (colored) structures z. B. made of dispersion binders based on vinyl acetate copolymer with fillers. Profile wallpapers are flame retardant (DIN 4102, BI), highly washable, eg. T. scrub resistant and normally cleanable. However, the foam layer may be damaged by shearing forces and sharp objects may destroy the soft foam layer and leave scratches. Textured wallpaper reaches the high level of light resistance of more than 6, is permeable to water vapor and therefore also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Structure on plastic fleece backing

Vinyl structures on moisture-resistant, dimensionally stable plastic fleece can be processed easily and cleanly. Ideal for processing in angled or pitched rooms, fine cracks in the ground are invisibly bridged. For processing special paste plus 20% dispersion glue can be used. Thanks to the wall adhesive technique with double seam cut, invisible impacts without recognizable seams result. A painting is done with high quality Disperse, latex or acrylic paint, The material is suitable for private living areas, commercial spaces and large properties. The wall covering system is flame retardant, has good diffusibility (prevents condensation on the surface) and can be easily cleaned and disinfected in the usual way. The wall covering can be painted over; When using thin-layered, high-opaque colors, the structural expression remains fully intact. Even after several coats the wall covering is completely removable.

metal wallpaper

Decorative metal effects for the wall

As metal wallpaper one calls colloquially on paper laminated metal foils, mostly from aluminum. Through special surface treatments - such as printing, embossing, hand-coloring, oxidizing or etching - you can create attractive and dazzling reflections on these decorative wallpapers. Because metal wallpaper with Metal foils applications sensitive and not very easy to process, similar gloss effects are nowadays often produced by the imprinting of metal pigments. Metal wallpapers are not suitable for damp rooms due to their vapor barrier effect.

The Rauschenberger wallpaper factory offers Metallic wallpaper in copper hammered look and Riffelblech optics. Originally, these effect wallpapers were only intended for the French market, but in the meantime they are also very popular in Germany. Other noble metal wallpapers, such as Gold wallpaper can often only be obtained from dealers abroad.

Do not confuse these purely decorative metal wallpapers for living rooms with the so-called shielding wallpaper, such. Copper wallpaper. These wallpaper - whether metal alloy or embedded in non-woven metal mesh - serve primarily to shield electromagnetic radiation (EMC wallpaper).

Shielding wallpaper - EMC wallpaper - Mobile wallpaper

Wallpaper for shielding electromagnetic radiation

Originally Wall coverings for shielding electromagnetic radiation especially used for rooms where sensitive technical equipment was located, e.g. medical devices in hospitals. There, many EMC shields are still used today.

In April 2001, the magazine Ökotest examined building materials that promise to protect against electrosmog. In the comparison test were various shielding wall coverings, such as EMC wallpaper, copper wallpapers, shielding fleece and various shielding plates and shielding plaster.

In the test, the shielding wallpapers achieved the following results:

  • EMC wallpaper from Marburg (graphite-coated): around 80% shielding
  • Copper wallpaper Chagall by Biologa: over 99% shielding
  • Reinforcing mesh with ISPO stainless steel fibers: over 99% shielding

Modern shielding wallpapers can often be wallpapered with a special paste for heavy wallpapers just as comfortably as conventional non-woven wallpapers. They can therefore easily be removed again. However, it is the wallpapering of the EMC wallpapers to note a few peculiarities.

  • Do not fold wallpapers when wallpapering.
  • Wallpaper on impact. In the corner of the room but rather overlap glued.
  • All glued wallpaper strips of the shielding wallpaper must be grounded.
  • Ceiling panels of the shielding wallpaper must be conductively connected to the grounded wall wallpaper.

Copper wallpaper for shielding

Regardless of perceived nuisance by electrosmog, rooms with electronic and medical equipment often need to have a special shielding, e.g. Measuring rooms, computer rooms or tomography rooms. For this, Infratron has developed a special thin copper wallpaper that can be easily processed as a wallpaper, but is also suitable for shielding the floor, windows and doors. Due to the special alloy of the 0.12mm thick film, a uniform damping of 40-80dB over the entire frequency range is achieved.

Absorbent wallpaper against high-frequency radiation

At the TU Ilmenau wallpaper is developed for damping high-frequency electromagnetic fields (Mobile radio, WLAN radiation, radar radiation) in apartments. The electromagnetic shielding is not possible as with other products by reflection but by absorption.

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