Framework for the garden house - the manual

Half-timbered houses have a very special charm. They look rustic and a bit historic - and moreover, they are relatively easy to build themselves. One such basic guide to a welcoming half-timbered garden shed can be found in this post.

Build timber frame

The framework is not only one of the oldest construction methods in house construction, but also one of the simplest. Timber framework is very stable, with comparatively low weight. And a half-timbered house can be easily built even with a little basic knowledge.

In the simplest case, the house consists of nothing but square compartments. Exceptions are only the compartments, which are above the door and the windows.

Framework for the garden house - the manual: framework

Fill compartments

The compartments can then be filled in the classical way with wooden mesh, and plastered with clay. Another option - which is much simpler - is the use of mud bricks. They are very easy to loam with clay mortar and form a stable surface area.

The combination of cementitious building materials with wood is just as inadvisable as the use of bricks or Ytongsteinen within the wooden frame. When renovating old half-timbered houses today shows what enormous damage that can cause.


Professionally crafted half-timbered houses can - with appropriate wood quality - last for many centuries. They are extremely stable and very undemanding when it comes to care and maintenance.

winter use

If you want to use your garden shed over the winter and heat, you must be aware that it is very difficult to insulate half-timbered buildings. Larger heat losses are therefore to be taken into account in any case.

Garden house in half-timbered construction - step by step

  • Wooden beams (according to your plan)
  • screw
  • Roof battens, (according to your plan)
  • battens
  • Windows, doors
  • Roofing material
  • adobe
  • clay mortar
  • Concrete for the foundation
  • formwork boards
  • Spade for foundation pit
  • Concrete stirrer or mixer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • spirit level
  • Tape measure or folding rule

1. Planning

Design your house. Plan louder square-shaped compartments (for example, 70 x 70 cm).
Calculate all the dimensions you need and get a matching door and windows according to your plan.

2. Establish foundation

Ideally, pour the concrete foundation. Just follow the linked instructions

3. Create sidewalls

First, assemble the four side panels, then set them up. Screw them tight and pry the compartments with slanted beams.

4. Make the roof

Construct a simple saddle roof from the beams and rafter wood. In a simple garden shed roof truss is not difficult to build.

5. Finish the cottage

Cover the roof, install doors and windows and fill the compartments with the mud bricks.

Tips & Tricks

If you want a screed to lay on a floor covering, it is best to use dry screed. An excessive amount of building moisture could be problematic under certain circumstances.

Video Board: How To Build & Lay Timber Decking