Spiral staircase - price and costs

Although the spiral staircase is very space-saving, it has even more advantages. Its price is also one of the advantages offered by this elegant staircase. But even with the spiral staircase, there are different prices, which are often due to the choice of material and the design of the stairs. But you can get simple designs for just a few hundred euros.

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Above all, you should carefully consider how often the spiral staircase is frequented to find the right size for your purposes. If the step width is given as 80 centimeters, for example, the accessible width will only be about 60 centimeters. This should always be kept in mind when choosing the staircase.

Examples of spiral staircases and their prices

  • Space-saving staircase spindled
    Powder coated metal parts
    Floor height up to 300 centimeters
    no additional steps possible
    Height adjustment possible by skipped segments
    Ceiling opening from 120 x 65 centimeters
    Diameter spindle 9 centimeters
    Steps 12 pieces multiplex sealed
    mutually accessible
    Gradient per step 23 centimeters
    coiled left or right
    Railing one-sided 90 centimeters high
    Diameter about 180 centimeters
    350 EUR
  • Stable metal staircase gray metallic powder coated
    Multiplex wood decor beech
    Floor height changeable by spacers
    Floor height of 230 to 290 centimeters
    Steps 12 pieces
    Podium triangular
    Ceiling opening 150 centimeters in diameter
    Staircase diameter 140 cm
    Railing gray on one side
    coiled left or right
    600 EUR
  • Spiral staircase laminated wood
    Natural beech sealed
    Wide staircase 140 cm
    Railing metal white powder coated
    Handrail plastic with aluminum core
    Maximum load 650 kilos
    Floor height up to 276 centimeters
    Steps 11 pieces
    Ceiling opening 150 centimeters in diameter
    Incline height 23 centimeters per level
    1,600 EUR
  • Additional level for spiral staircase laminated wood
    Natural beech wood
    150 EUR
  • External staircase spiral staircase steel
    completely hot-dip galvanized
    Running width 80 centimeters
    Triangle pedestal exit
    Railing hot-dip galvanized
    Handrail stainless steel
    Overall height 270 cm
    Steps 13 pieces steel grate with anti-slip edge
    Kit for self-assembly
    3,200 EUR

Tips & Tricks

A complete staircase is often the cheapest choice. However, if the desired spiral staircase has one or two levels too little for your purpose, there are almost always additional levels that you can buy. Unfortunately, the individual stages are often disproportionately expensive.

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