Spiral staircase - space-saving diameter

A spiral staircase saves a lot of space within a house in many cases. But the spiral staircase is not very comfortable, especially if the smallest width of the step is selected. Anyone who wants to transport furniture via this staircase will certainly have problems with a simple chair. Here we show what matters with the diameter of the spiral staircase.

Step width and width

With a spiral staircase, the step width is not the same as the width of the step. A part of the step, which is located on the inside near the spindle, is often not usable as a step, since the depth of the step here is not sufficient.

Nevertheless, the diameter of the stairs can of course only be determined according to the step width. In a normal staircase, especially if it is the only staircase, the step must be at least 80 centimeters wide. In addition, the step depth on the spindle must not be less than ten centimeters.

spindle power

The diameter of the spindle or the pillar in the middle has not only something to do with the stability of the stairs. The stronger the pole, the easier it is to construct a comfortable and safe staircase.

This is due to the greater distance the steps receive when using a stronger spindle. The single step can then have a greater depth directly on the spindle. This ensures a safe performance depth in a larger area of ​​the single stage.

Determine diameter

During the planning of a spiral staircase, the later diameter is an important factor in determining the footprint of the staircase. Finally, the spiral staircase not only has to be fitted in the lower storey, the staircase also takes up space in the upper floor. The following facts are important in planning:

  • Tread width
  • tread depth
  • pass line
  • spindle power

Tips & Tricks

If there are more than one staircase in an apartment or perhaps a bedroom on two levels, then it is possible to use a step width of only 50 centimeters for a spiral staircase. Note, however, whether, for example, you are half asleep at night using these stairs to get into the bathroom. Then the lack of space should not put the security in the shade.

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