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  • A spinning rod is used as a throwing rope, imitating the movements of prey fish with artificial lures in the water. Target fish are predatory fish such as the zander, pike or trout.
  • For this very active fishing species, it is important that the spinning rod is as light as possible, but also firm and sensitive. Depending on which fish you want to fish, also varies the casting weight of the fishing rod.
  • If you prefer shallow-water shore fishing, you should use a longer spinning rod, while shorter spinning rods are particularly suitable for deep-water boat fishing.

Spinning rods comparison 2018: 2018

Anyone fishing in Germany today rarely does that to earn money or feed their families. Rather, fishing is considered quite popular recreational sports: In 2016 more than 1 million people in the German-speaking world said they often go fishing (Source: IfD Allensbach). At the same time, the German Fishing Association (DAFV) currently has around 620,000 members.

Fishing stands for more than fishing: Tranquility, love of nature, escape from everyday life, sport - as multifaceted the motives, as diverse as the possibilities in terms of location, technology and equipment. In our spinning rod comparison 2018 we explainWhat to look for when buying this fishing rod type. Not only material and length are decisive, but above all the spinning rod throwing weight.

1. What is special about a spinning rod?

Predator or coop?

Predatory fish feed on other (fast) aquatic animals, z. Fish or crabs. In contrast, so-called Fried fish consume mainly vegetable food or plankton.

Freshwater predatory fish include, for example, pike, trout, zander or catfish; Marine predators are z. As mackerel, tuna or sharks.

Fishing with a spinning rod or Spinningrute, also called Wurfangelei, is one of the most popular types of fishing in fresh and salt water in Germany - both in stagnant and in flowing waters. When spin fishing will be Predatory fish are fished by using artificial baits to replicate the movements of prey fish, For this purpose, the fishing line is thrown out again and again, so the bait is constantly pulled through the water to stimulate the fish to bite.

So this is a very active type of fishing If you do not sit motionless for hours on the edge of the river, a spinning rod must fulfill certain characteristics.

First, a spinning rod should enter lowest possible weight because you need to keep them in your hand while fishing. In addition, the rod must be able to withstand greater loads caused by repeated ejection and recovery in continuous use, without problems.

Spinning rods comparison 2018: comparison

From pike to zander: With the spinning rod you catch predatory fish of different genera.

The rod-stem, also called blank or rod blank, this requires a particularly high stability. Spinning rods are not only very light, but also very hard and well balanced, It is also important that the best possible contact with the bait, i. You need a safe bait guide, which ensures that you perceive the biting of a target fish quickly and accurately. A hard and sensitive rod thus ensures that all movements are transmitted to the hand part, you can directly feel the bite of the fish and react to it.

Spinning rods are also suitable for beginners: With a stiff spinning rod you can practice precise ejection very well.

2. Purchase advice for spinning rods: The location determines the length and thus the radius of action

If you want to buy a rod of the category Spinning Rod, there are some criteria that you should consider. Depending on the location and target fish you have to decide on the length and the appropriate casting weight. Therefore, choose your personal winner of the spinning rod test best from the following criteria:

2.1. Rod length & transport length

Spinning rods comparison 2018: rods

A long spinning rod is suitable for shore fishing in shallow waters.

The appropriate length of the rod should be selected according to where and in which waters you would like to fish.

The general rule: If you prefer to fish in shallow waters from the shore, we recommend a longer spinning rodbecause you need the distance to cover more water surface. The wide ejection, but also z. B. bridging obstacles in the water is easier with a longer peak.

For the boat fishing in deep waters, z. B. on the open sea, however, a shorter spinning rod is favorable, after all, is fished in the immediate vicinity of the boat. Besides, one has shorter rod tip a lower weight and lower head weight.

Usually the length is between 160 and 350 cm, whereby the best spinning rods in our comparison are in the range 210 to 300 cm. For boat fishing is therefore a rod length of a maximum of 240 cm, wide casts you master, however, already with a spinning rod from about 270 cm.

Spinning rods are offered both in the category of rod as well as in the variant telescopic rod. The two types differ in their load capacity, care, design and ultimately also the transport length.

Spinning rods comparison 2018: rods

A spinning rod of 6 parts is particularly easy to transport.

A stick usually consists of two or three individual segmentswhich are brought together before use. They are particularly robust and therefore well suited for spin fishing.

Telescopic rods consist of one piece; They can be deployed quickly and are quick to use, but less resilient. A telescopic rod is particularly compact, as it is pushed into each other and thus can be stored in a backpack or suitcase to save space. With transport lengths of 40 or 50 cm, for example, they are ideal travel people. In other words, stake rods generally require slightly more space during transport, usually between 90 and 140 cm in length.

2.2. Material & Action

As a rule, spinning rods, more precisely the blank of the rod, are made of carbon (carbon fiber) or glass fiber. Carbon rods are particularly stiff and ensure very precise rod guidance, Glass fiber spinning rods, on the other hand, are very elastic and unbreakable. They allow good handling with plenty of drill and momentum, but are usually slightly heavier than blanks made of carbon fiber.

The following table illustrates the Advantages and disadvantages of spinning rods made of carbon fibers (carbon) and glass fibers:

Spinning rod made of carbonFiberglass spinning rod

Spinning rods comparison 2018: 2018

Spinning rods comparison 2018: 2018

very firm & stiff - withstanding continuous load well
especially easy
high throw and precise rod guidance
high elasticity & flexibility
very unbreakable
easy handling
comparatively expensive
less flexibility
heavier than carbon
lower strength
Glass Carbon preparations: Both materials are often combined during production. A low fiber content in carbon rods increases the elasticity, while the reinforcement of fiberglass rods with carbon fiber increases the load capacity.

Spinning rods comparison 2018: 2018

The graphic shows the three typical actions of a fishing rod.

The material used and the processing ultimately have a direct impact on the action. This is generally understood the bending behavior of the rod or the blanks under the action of a load.

Different spinning rod tests show: This special type of fishing rod usually has a so-called. tip action. It bends only the front part of the rod, so the top area in the upper third, forward, while the rest of the blanks has a "stiff backbone", so not deformed. In addition, there is the medium-stiff action and the continuous action in which the rod bends significantly more.

This top action is also very fastwhich in turn helps to catch the target fish safely and precisely. Blanks with tip action also allow you extra wide casts.

Watch out! If you use a rod that is too soft for spin fishing, the danger of the fish escaping after the first bite contact increases. In Anglerkreisen one speaks in this context of so-called dropouts.

Spinning rods comparison 2018: comparison

2.3. casting weight

The casting weight is the maximum load during the throw in grams. Fishing rods can be classified into 5 weight classes based on your casting weight (WG):

  • 1 - 10 g: ultralight (eg Stipprute)
  • 5 - 30 g: light (eg Stipprute)
  • 30 - 60 g: medium (eg spinning rod)
  • 50 - 120 g: heavy (eg spinning rod)
  • 100 - 250 g: ultra-heavy (eg high-sea rod)

Sustainable fishing

So that certain fish stocks can recover regularly, are based on the EU Commission every year certain catches allowed.

According to Stiftung Warentest, for example, significantly less cod may be caught in 2017, but more herring and mackerel.

Spinning rods usually have a light to heavy casting weight, often in the range of 15 to 80 g, While spinning in small streams rods are to be preferred with low casting weight, z. B. Zanderfischen the casting weight can be up to 80 g.

Depending on which fish species you want to catch, not only the bait varies but also the throwing weight of the spinning rod. As a guide you can use the following guideline:

  • Spinning rod for trout in small streams: 10 - 15 g
  • Spinning rod for pike in larger rivers: 30 - 60 g
  • Spinning rod for cod on the seabed: approx. 100 g

Tip: The optimum casting weight, which will allow you to reach the largest distances, is determined by subtracting 20% ​​from the maximum value given. For example, if the maximum WG is 60 g, this means: 60 g - 20% = 48 g (optimum casting weight).

3. Important manufacturers and brands of spinning rods

Spinning rods comparison 2018: spinning

For spin fishing you also need a fishing reel, line and bait.

Spinning rods are available in various designs and price ranges. Particularly good spinning rods are sold for example by Dream Tackle or Abu Garciabut can cost up to 300 euros. This investment is therefore more worthwhile for fishing professionals who regularly go fishing and already have a very good technique of bait management in spin fishing.

Something cheaper and Spinning rods from Jenzi, Sportex, Balzer or Shimano are also very popular among beginners; Depending on the model you should expect about 30 to 100 Euro here.

Other well-known brands that are mentioned in every good spinning rod test are:

  • SPRO
  • Daiwa
  • Mitchell
  • Plusinno
  • KastKing
  • Cormoran
  • DAM
  • Lixada
  • Hearty Rise
  • Jackson
  • Fox Rage
  • Gamakatsu
  • Kinetic
  • Grays

Many of the mentioned manufacturers also offer other fishing tackle, z. As bait, fishing reels, nets, bite alarm or fish finder. If you would like to complete your fishing equipment even further, we also recommend a look at our bite indicator comparison and our comparison of fishing chairs.

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