Spiral staircase inside - prices at a glance

The spiral staircase is considered in indoor spaces as a real space saving miracle, also most models have a nice look. The curved staircase is relatively inexpensive to buy as a kit, custom-made spiral staircases of course cost a lot more. Which prices can be expected for interior spiral staircases?

Cost factors for spiral staircases indoors

The prices for indoor spiral staircases are based on various cost factors, especially the material used plays a major role. Veneered multiplex steps in combination with a simple metal linkage are particularly favorable.

Solid wood staircases made of beech, oak or other popular hardwood species are in the middle price segment, stainless steel and wenge are relatively expensive. Who chooses a kit, saves a lot of money compared to the individually planned, built by craftsmen stairs.

These costs are incurred for the spiral staircase inside

  • Interchangeable stairs made of veneered multiplex wood with simple but stable metal construction are available as a kit already from about 350 EUR.
  • Full-surface accessible level is available in a similar quality from about 550 EUR. Such stairs provide more space for putting on the feet and are thus more comfortable.
  • In the middle price range of about 1,000 to 5,000 EUR, there are a variety of stair models to buy. All-solid walk-through solid wood steps are just as much for this money as solid steel.
  • Stainless steel spiral staircases cost 10,000 euros and more, but they last a particularly long time.
  • For the spiral staircase carpenter's hand including installation you should set aside at least 5,000 EUR, some models also cost 10,000 EUR and more.

Price example for a spiral staircase

A homeowner orders a spiral staircase with steps made of solid beech wood and a construction of simple steel. He not only pays the purchase price, but also delivery and installation.

Cost overviewprice
1st spiral staircase for inside1,200 EUR
2nd delivery80 EUR
3. Assembly450 EUR
total1,730 EUR

Save money by self-assembly

Spiral staircases cost as a prefabricated kit very little. If you want to save even more, the new component is assembled itself, a corresponding manual is usually included. When setting up at least a second skilled craftsman should help.

Tips & Tricks

Reversible spiral staircases save both space and money, they are often in the lower price segment. Such stairs require little use of materials and can usually be built both left and right-hand.

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